The matchmaking is unbalenced

when i join a game of meltdown i get matched against level 30 people who unlocked allmost all the charachters when im level 9 does everyone have this problem or is it only me.

That seems to be the norm right now.

Yeah its definitely an issue. My friend and I being level 6 and the highest on our team got qued against a team where the lowest guy was 31. We got stomped…

yeah it not even fun if its like we have 1 from level 30 and they have one but no its just the one team are all level 30 and you are all level 10

yea it needs fixing

maybe they will use level 1 hero

I don’t really mind being in a team with higher or lower leveled people, but I feel like the total rank should be about the same as the enemy teams.

I was in a game today… I am rank 20, the others in my team were all around rank 10. The enemy team had two players of 25 in a party, one player of level 24 and the other was around level 10.
(We won by the way. HA!)

This is so unfair, because in most cases the other team is simply more advanced because they played a lot more than us. I think that if our team added up has a total rank of 50, we should get paired with a team that is something around 50 too.

Rank in general is not a great indicator. I am rank 20ish, but got it mostly by trying to redo a couple of story mode missions, and it in no way reflects my PvP skill at all (which is iffy at best). A separate ranked system would be good, which I thought I heard a rumor was in the works as more data comes in from the game.

yea i would love a pvp ranking system with ranks like in counter strike but there must also be unranked plays because sometimes you just want to ■■■■ around and you can do it there then

yea but its not you can stil beat them but they played more and have charecters you dont know how to counter and how to take them on thats why there must be a update quick

Maybe, a person who is high rank because they failed 200 missions as a couple characters probably doesn’t have a huge advantage. An outlier to be sure but there are a lot of people failing the tougher defense missions due to a lack of teamwork and play them frequently.

Or could be someone like me who plays exclusively PvE missions, so would be crap at PvP anyway, when I finally start of working on those PvP-only lore challenges…