The matchmaking level imbalances are a red herring

The real issue here is that too high a percentage of games are during their play one sided stomps, esp for newer players. If say half or 2/3 of my games were fairly close games, I would care less that I am regularly put against people (or even premade groups) level 40+ as a level 10. When so many of the highly-level-unbalanced games are stomps, this is leading people to look at the level imbalance as the cause of the problem, but in fact it’s not. The level mismatches are a symptom of a problematic matchmaking system that allows for too much MMR difference between teams, allows premade groups to queue against randoms with no penalty, and matches teams individually instead of balancing groups of 10 players like most games. Once the underlying matchmaking problems are addressed, the level discrepancy will cease to be such an issue.

I recently played the Overwatch beta. I realize that’s a bigger / different game, but still many of my matches were close and I felt like I was generally playing with / against people in my skill bracket. In Battleborn, maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of my matches leveling from 1 to 10 have been close and I’ve been frequently playing against people who have 10x or more playtime than I do (or have been on teams with high level allies against all noobs). I’d like to see this game succeed, but the first 10-15 hours of playtime are critical for player retention and so far I’ve found a lot to like but have been very frustrated by how many unbalanced matches I’ve had. Close matches are fun matches, and Battleborn needs more of them.


agreed, the other day i was put in a match my team was something like me 9 then a 1, 3, 7, 4 ranked characters. those arnt the exact ranks but i do remember they were all under me beacause i made the point to my girlfriend that im rank 9 and the highest in the game. then the enemy teams had ranks 30-40 in it and my team was demolished in the first 5 min of the game they pushed right into out sentry on incursion and killed it in seconds

I played against a level 94 as my first PVP match and while the rest haven’t been that bad I rarely have balanced matches. Just high level people playing the more powerful heroes.

im about to give up. when i go into a match it normally end with me on the terrible team vs the pro elite team
capture : first 2 min they have all 3 points
incursion : first 5 min our sentry is down
meltdown : first 5 min were half defeated
its like that every game if they say there is some form of matchmaking in this game its a complete lie.

The matchmaking needs some massive improvements. It’s so off. I just played a game where I was against a level 100, another was level 45 and then everyone else was late 30’s. My team had myself (level 5), a few more guys just over level 10 and I think our highest level was around 35. It was absolutely horrendous. How are you meant to enjoy this game when you’re constantly pitted against people who are so much better than you? I’ve only had one game where I’ve been matched with people equal to me and it was a blast, such good fun.

The same issue was present in the Beta and I was really hoping they’d fix this on release. I’m trying my best to stick at it and get better but it’s so hard when you’re constantly getting thrashed by the other team. Who wants to play a game where you’re constantly put on a team who just can’t compete and lose constantly? There’s no fun in that whatsoever…

Priority one should be separating the premade and solo que.

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I agree