The max health BAR glitch... [BL2/TPS] and some info about a couple of test that I've done

Alright I’ve seen a lot of images/videos where you can see that when people try to redeem their tokens they get 1,2 or even 3 times the “max health option” I also have read some theories of why this happens, for example, I will quote one of them:“Doesn’t matter which you prioritize, they have to be within 6% with each other. Eg. Reload 20%, the lowest of the least favorite 14%. Otherwise, you have only health and the least favorite to choose on your next badass token.”
I have done some testing and this seems to be fixed (even though some claim the opposite, wich could be because when the fix came out they already had the glitch), I left a difference of +6% and nothing has happened so far.
I have done 2 tests and in neither of those I’ve got the glitch. Let me clarify that I used a profile editor wich game 429496728 badass rank points and a lot (I don’t remember exactly how much) of tokens.
So let’s get to the fist one as you can see I left alone max health (see that the difference between the highest and the lowest it’s higher than 6%) and put all my points in the other stats. And even thought I forgot to screenshot when the “redeem code” showed up I can ensure you that the glitch wasn’t there.

The second example has a greater difference between the highest and the lowest stat but still, no glitch showed up, you can see that there is a fine 80% of difference between max hp and crit dmg, but nothing happened. another thing that I don’t understand in the second example is how the game allowed me to put that many points into max hp/gun damage, I mean the game its supposed to "force me to take the least favorites, I don’t remember if I tried to avoid gun damage at first, maybe I did, but it would be very useful to know what happened here since if we found this out it can help us to redeem our tokens a little bit more freely.
Summarizing what I did: I the first testing I tried to avoid max hp until I get a fine difference and see if the glitch was there. In the second testing, I spent my points with these priorities #1: Max HP, #2: Gun dmg (I think I started giving some more priority to this one when I hit around 10% in the others, not quite sure tho), #3: Elemental effect damage.
I’d really appreciate if you could help me to understand how this works, when does the bug shows up or the thing that makes me even more curious is how it allowed me to put (nearly) as many points as I wanted in some stats (like I did with gun.dmg/max.hp) whatever that helps me to understand how this badass system works more deeply will be very appreciated

The glitch:
The glitch in a video:
First test:
Second Test:

Sorry for the bad grammar and the text wall, I wrote this in a hurry
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That’s quite the text wall…

In the latest patch notes they mentioned that they fixed the glitch where you could a stat as an option more than once per point.

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Sorry but… you mean that the fact that I could spend in a stat over and over again is a bug? or that the only health option was fixed?

only the thing with heath was fixed I think? i don’t know, that’s a really dense text wall and I’m trying to do other things

I’ll give it a thurough read and give you a propper answer in a couple hours

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I think the patch fixed you only getting max health plus one other stat per BA point. As for max health, I haven’t gotten the option in the last two or three ranks I’ve gotten and I have stats that are nowhere near 6% of the others.