The Mayhem 3.0 we want

So, given all the complaints about Mayhem 2.0, how would you design Mayhem 3.0, to try and satisfy players?

NOTE: This is not a post about complaining. Try and detail exactly how YOU would fix things, even if it’s just a small improvement, and try to be as exact as you can be. Thank you.

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I’d have added a new mechanic per level, like these:

  • enemies calling for backup
  • having floating popup shields that block attacks
  • going “goliath” when they get low on health
  • having deployable barriers they can drop and use for cover
  • creating portals they can connect two areas with (allowing them to bounce quickly between those two areas)
  • killing a badass puts them into ffyl, allowing them to keep shooting and be revived by other enemies. Shooting an enemy will stop them from reviving, though
  • badass enemies throw small enemies like tinks at you every so often

I have no issue with the modifiers, but I know lot of people want to be able to select each one that you need to have for the mayhem level chosen instead of rerolling. I could leave or take that

I want better dedicated drop rates.

I want world drops out of dlc areas (not sure if this is a mayhem 2.0 thing seems to be a April 30 hotfix thing)

I want the woodblockers to be the most OP gun in the game…sike!


I really like this suggestion:

A new mutator i would like would be something like this:
Glasscannon’s: There is a chance for a new enemy type to spawn. They have only very little health on all difficultys. You normally can take care of them with one or two headshot from a decent sniper rifle. But these enemys deal insane damage. They are always equiped with weapons that are dodgeable (ION laser that has to charge up. Rocket launchers. Anti matirial rifles or something similar).
On there spawn they have unique voicelines (Something like “YOU. DIE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW”) so you have a chance to hear that someone spawned. They always should have highest priority for the player because of their insane damage potential. But if the player notices them in time or dodges their shots well he also quickly can take care of them.


I would like if there was a way to remove or reduce the drop chances of a lot of the gimmicky slam/slide anointments and relics. Trying to farm an ice breaker with good bonus stats, but every relic I see is “imbue slide with corrosive” or “More powerful slam”. I can only take so much. Also getting a bunch of kaosons with crap like “More accurate while sliding” and such…


Honestly it’s almost too easy to just say, “look at what they did with D3 and start copy-pasting”. But I think they need to start considering it. The ‘endgame’ right now is pretty threadbare tbh. Jumping up Mayhem levels is just repetitive gameplay. You grind for more loot to up the MH level, just to end up at the same relative power level (or worse with current Mayhem health scaling). So you don’t ‘advance’ at all really.

  • Give players something to do with loot other then just sell it. Break it down for mats to let us re-roll our gear, craft & buy more SDU upgrades, etc

  • Overhaul Mayhem so it’s not just a HP boost for mobs, but an actual difficulty increase. More mobs, more dmg, stranger mob abilities, Boss/Miniboss re-inforcements.

  • I like the idea of separating Anoints from gear. They could roll with an anoint, or just an empty anoint slot. You farm mats to craft anoint items that you can swap in and out (or make them one-use so you have to keep crafting more).

  • Leaderboards. We need some meta thing to ‘compete’ with each other for trinkets, cosmetics etc. Something based on ‘time to finish’, or ‘gear level completed at’, ‘how many mobs killed in x time’, etc. Reset each week or month or whatever.

  • A lot more skins and cosmetic to quest for / craft etc.

  • Challenges/Dailies. Little missions you can do for mats, xp, item re-roll chance, whatever. “Finish Maliwan Takedown on Mayhem X difficulty”, “Kill boss xyz”, all that stuff.

  • Give each Modifier/Mutation it’s own xp/loot/cash/mats %% stats and let players pick and choose what they run with. The effects can scale with Mayhem level. So we can play any Mayhem level with no Mods, or jack it up for tangible benefits.

I dunno, probably a lot of that is ‘sacrilegious’ to the traditional Borderlands style and I’m just copying D3. I’m new to BL, so have no real investment in ‘how things have always been’. But when it comes to Endgame you gotta give players something more then just refarming the same content for the same loot with small stat increases. Crafting/disenchanting, leaderboards, dailies, etc are all pretty standard things to keep players engaged in various ways…


That would be a start👍

They mentioned on the Borderlands Show that they were considering adding more modifiers.

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Then the system needs to be more efficient. At least, we need to choose them or to turn them off. With this current “re-rolling” system, adding modifiers complicate the situation dearly.


I would not expect a 3.0 as that takes a lot of time to build up and then actually bug fixing as we all know.

What will probably happen is a rebalance of mayhem 2.0 (which personally is fine to me) in terms of sponge hp mobs and actual good loot drop.

Also what will happen is the fact that they will balance some modifiers and also that they will bring new ones. Just think about Mayhem 11+ which will have modifiers that will go over the very hard difficulty.

It s a matter of time. It will get better. Just now, playing mayhem 10 with the actual annointents being so powerful, takes out all the build diversity. Everything revolves around weapon damage, triggering annointments and mayhem 2.0 weapons. Its kinda disgusting right now… But mayhem 1-5 is cool and much less meta.

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Give choice about the modifiers : you can choose which and how many you want ( from 0 to 4) and save a several configurations.

As incentive, each modifier increases substantially drops rate both world and dedicated.

Clearly tag weapon to indicate what mayhem level they are.

Balance some modifiers add a few others. Add a fifth category: special event will include things like Cartel reinforcements.

Add mayhem scaling for nova, spike, grenades and relics.

Add automatically a modifier that substantially increase melee, action skill damage, pets, with a value in proportion with mayhem so they can still be competitive.


Great suggestion. Perhaps combined with a gun damage reduction.


Good suggestions I like these!

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I agree here with so many of these. I mentioned it in the past on a Gearbox suggestion area months ago but I’ll post them again. More variety on annointed enemies from skags to Rakk to maliwan. Introduce night and day mechanics for modifiers that if you go out during the day the enemies will be weaker or less organized and possibly fewer. At night there will be MORE. and Badasses WILL be more intimidating. Here’s a unique modifier, chubbys. Maybe they glow like these other enemies but instead of being immune to that element, you know they’ll EXPLODE like a bomb and there can be multiple. Grenade fiends. Enemies grenades are thrown more often and the enemy is more accurate on their throws. Yours will not be but they’ll do more damage on hit. Or Sneak sniper. Enemies will tend to be in more concealed areas and use their cover more efficiently. I’ll come up with more but these are just a few ideas.


They need to fix or tone down the current ones first. It looks like no one is listening to the fanbase on this at all. You don’t add to a problem making it worse. You need to fix the current one then move on to the next project.


Love many of these ideas. I have one thing I’d particularly like to say.

Let us save our modifiers.

The other day I did a co-op Takedown and returned to solo to find the modifiers I had spent time rerolling for replaced with those of the host… So annoying. And think - some people spend half an hour rerolling for their ideal mods. Are they going to want to play co-op, like, ever? However, if we could save our modifiers we could quickly return to them and freedom opens up again. Furthermore, we’d feel more ready to reroll and try random stuff if we knew we could save combinations we like to return to.

One other thing that really needs thinking about is how different modifiers affect different players in co-op. If I’m playing melee Amara, assuming they scale melee and boost her melee skills up a bit, then I will want very different modifiers to, say, a sniper Fl4k. I’m unlikely to appreciate the mods they’d choose and vice versa. So we won’t want to play together. The current system penalises playing with others and I think that needs looking into.

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Ok more ideas, got this one from another player, but it would be too hilarious not to share. Rubber ducky mode. Either you or your enemies would be susceptible to being bounced around. Guns are toys. Every gun would be like stuff you’d we when children. Nerf, cap guns, pellets etc, even the background from barrels to whatever would change. Here’s another, a game on switch already is this but I’m sure Gearbox could figure a way to work it in. Paint mode. Like Splatoon. Every color imaginable and combining of colors to make new ones would be possible, both you and enemies could spray each other. Tediore malfunction. Guns should more wildly and erratically depending on what brand and type you have in your hand with the possibility of them exploding. Throw voices and directions they go upon Chuck would be random. Vladof burndown. Gun fire rate would be sketchy sometimes firing faster sometimes jam or fire a flame round every so many shots. Guns would tend to melt and have to be dropped to replace the mag. Torgue mini nukes. The final shot has the chance per clip to detonate a confined explosion. Just some more ideas.

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just god damn revert it ,

  1. dont even have a legitimate ui that indicate wether it is m10 or not
  2. if the stuff isnt m10 it automatically trash even if it have great annoint
  3. mayhem 2.0 design obviously satisfy certain player base , evidence is big head modifier which been suggested so many time although its dumb
  4. some modifier is actually stupid, -75% crit damage?? no ffyl ??? simply remove a mechanic from the game isnt the greatest design.
  5. balancing issue keep recurring, let we balanced it right now , what about next level cap??

out of topic :
u know gbx like to do level cap after a loot event which make farming absolute pointless

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  • Scale melee, action skills, pets, etc. etc. so that they’re still viable and fun. Obviously you can’t scale them completely, otherwise the difficulty won’t increase with higher levels. But scale them partially and add some other way for us to supplement their strength - perhaps with more annointments tailored to them (eg. 25% less gun damage but 50% more melee damage?), or some sort of expanded relic/class mod system.
  • Scale all the numbers on gear appropriately, not just weapon damage. Leave shield capacity intact if you want, but scale shield nova damage, red card damage, status effect damage, etc.
  • make it much harder. For one, give the enemies a little more damage, not just more health. Maybe make them a little faster, more likely to flank, etc. - I’m cruising through M10 and I’m not even using any gear above M8 yet :roll_eyes:
  • bring the balance between [most] old weapons and [some] new weapons closer together. The chasm between them is enormous at the moment.
  • more RNG in the stats and annointments of legendaries, so that not every single quasar has exactly 5778 (or whatever) damage and some annointments give you 300% damage while over 90% health while some give you 240% damage while over 70% health. This would make it more exciting to drop new versions of items you already have rather than them feeling so cookie-cutter.
  • more cool modifiers that require you to rethink/add/modify your tactics, like the healy hearts, buddy systems, death, instakill melee when below 15% etc.
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The video was recorded before Mayhem 2.0 was released.