The mayhem system is not fun

In contrast to the Diablo 3 predictable torment system of increasing difficulty by scaling enemy health and damage, the mayhem system introduces undesirable RNG which can actually break a players build. This system results in seeing how many times you need to reload into your game more than it tests your strength.


I agree but they aren’t going to stray too far from the idea so you should use a build that is versatile

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Yes be versatile with +45% hp -50% gun dmg at the same time. Very many versatility :stuck_out_tongue:


Any modifier that lowers gun damage boosts something else -45% Normal Bullet Damage +45% Elemental Bullet Damage, -50% Pistol, SMG, Shotgun Damage +50% Assualt, Sniper Rifle Damage

Agreed… I love the idea of the modifiers, but the BL3 modifiers should be copy/pasted from Grim Dawn. Regardless the difficulty, a modifier effect shoud not be more than 10-15% in one direction and each effect should be compensated with another effect. For example: enemies hae 10% more health but move 10% slower.


Ummm no. theres a modifier thats -50% gun damage and +50% action skill and cooldown. Tell me how you kill anything with just an action skill
And the +45% HP has no positives. Also the 30% bullet reflection has nothing positive for the player. And if you take a closer look at peoples complaints those are the problematic modifiers.
EDIT: not grenades but action skill cooldown.


What I mean it boosts your Grenade and Action Skill. Amara’s Action Skill can do 1M with little effort if there are a few ads around, that’s without the modifier and grenades are always good. The health bosst isn’t huge and isn’t really that bad but the bullet reflect is bad and should be changed

I posted a lot of the modifier combinations that are straight dumb right here, theres no reason to repeat all of them. All in all u can get -% to all gun types or all relevant elements. And enemies are already +200% hp. so it makes that double or quadruple if the wrong modifiers happen. And sometimes they are just good for you and you melt whatever is in your way even with bad builds…

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I did not see however there is likely a far better post here as well. Seems like this is not an original complaint and is my first post to this forum.

yea but it also has a bad title, theres no reason to remove them from the game, that is not a productive way of complaining about anything. Making them a bit less random though will make a lot of things better and keep the original idea of build diversity inspiration.


Some modifiers are clearly terrible like -50 gun damage
+45 health, sheild and armor
Stacked with -50 shotty when I am running a shotgun build.

Problem is the randomness of it…

They should remain static for a week that that forces you to modify your playstyle and build so you grind differently each week.

Not where it can be restarted and try again.

That’s if they want to stay down this path

If not I would prefer smarter modifiers that actually make sense.
The way they have done it is just plain lazy modding.

Maybe smarter modifiers like, more annointed, random enemies now have vortex, all zealots are badasses, all enemies have sheilds and so on.

Not these flat nerfs and buffs. It’s not fun an I will not adjust my build when I can just click start quit and start again


Exactly. If they were done smartly and not just completely random on every map, it would lead to many builds being viable even at hardest difficulty and less complaints about stuff in general. As they are now they just show all the flaws of the game and raise so many questions and concerns in the playerbase.


Yeah probably a bad title. I want increasing difficulty without RNG. That or I want a way to swap my build out within a map, or better inventory management. Some of these points are raised there however.

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I agree that the arguments for changes are solid I just dont think all of our best arguments should be in a thread with such a title as nobody that should read it will read it, since it doesnt look like productive criticism from the get go.

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Then don’t run a shotgun build when that modification occurs?

I’m starting to realize that people keep using the word Viable when what they mean is “faceroll game regardless of modifiers without any changes”

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What I am saying is it easier to restart than change your build @sammantixbb

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Some people don’t want to be forced to play a build they don’t want to.

In BL2 I enjoyed the challenge of taking Krieg or Axton and just running a shotgun build from 1-OP8…

Not feasible here with mayhem modifiers that force you to change it up.

A game is suppose to be fun for you and modern games are doing a much better job of letting more people play how THEY want, but BL3 is forcing people to play how IT wants.

I don’t mind swapping gear but I also don’t like the discrepancy in modifiers…my personal hatred is reflect on monsters with -50% gun dmg because those reflected bullets on me don’t seem to have -50% in return LOL

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Honestly the more i play Mayhem im realizing that its just a farming mode and not a “standard” way to play the game. Its a temporary fix for an end game that in Borderlands was never even a thing on release… And the games before were all complete facerolls with pretty much any build before they introduced dlc that made it harder

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I understand BL2 was too easy in the base game and BL3 is as well but mayhem makes it harder, what worries me is that mayhem is what they plan on using to enhance difficulty at end game.

With more updates other changes will probably come as well these games usually had a really long development time even after release. Hell even if they just add more modifiers itll fix some of these problems as the terrible modifiers will happen less often…