The Modernista- How Does it Work?

I’ve been on a legendary shield gear kick lately (as I’ve just posted about the executive insurance plan), but I’ve also been looking at the Modernista.

How does this one work? Does the reflected bullets still damage the shield before reflecting or is all damage negated?Does it only count bullets as things that come from ballistic guns (OM, montana, reyna, etc) or does it count other projectiles too? (Benedict’s rockets, orendi’s bolts, even things like marqui’s ultimate that is reflected like ISIC’s wards) I guess I’m using ISIC’s reflective wards as a comparison, but those just say “reflect enemy fire” rather than “bullets that hit your shield”. I could argue that in order to be worthy of a legendary title and the shard cost, all enemy fire would be more in line as an effect, if not already.

and finally, this is more subjective, can you tell it works well? is it worth farming/the shard cost? any help is appreciated!

I tested this, had a buddy play montana while I was kleese sitting in my rifts with modernista activated. it had no effect that we could see

well that is disheartening as hell… kinda want to @ a dev to get a confirmation or at least bring it to their attention if it is in fact bugged so they can remove it until they can fix it, but I know how much fire they’re under for other things lol.

Yeah had a friend run it on SaA for a while because 1000k shield. He also said it had like no effect at all that he could tell.

@JoeKGBX: Can someone confirm?

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I just always assumed that the low percentage chance along with the poor decision to only reflect while your shields were up was to blame for how crappy this piece of gear seemed to be.

I think a few pieces of gear still aren’t working as intended (or at all).

I used it on Kleese for a while. I was able to see enemy thrall projectiles bounce off of it in PvE, so I know it works. However, I believe it still does shield damage on the reflected ones. Not sure. And I don’t think it works on non-projectile attacks. Either way, on a 1K shield build for S&A or Kleese, it’s only going to be returning 200 ranged damage, which I don’t really feel is that much.

I see it working on mobs quite often… but don’t remember ever seeing it on enemy players, except maybe with Mellka’s poison

1 out of every 5 bullets gets reflected back to the attacker. Reguardless of the damage of the bullet. Your shield damages as normal but as long as it is up then 1 out of every 5 bullets (that’s 20%) is reflected back. It is an awesome item to wear on any toon who pulls a lot of agro.