The Monarch vs The Dictator

Ok so something had to have happened recently to the Monarch, because i am having real issues taking down bosses with this thing lately. Did i miss a nerf?
And can someone tell me why the Dictator is around now? I tried using one recently and it was barely tickling enemies. Does anyone still use it now that the Monarch is out?

I cant imagine anyone using a Dictator if they have a Monarch in their arsenal.

Not sure if the Monarch was nerfed but mine still wrecks everything but only in bipod mode and when my SNTNL is active.

monarch did not see no nerfs, as for dictator gbx for some raeson decided to make m6 e exclusive guns that are 2.5 3 times more powerfull than existing guns and put them in same rarity dictator is pretty pointless in it’s existence just like brainstormer but it should still do good damage solid mid tier performer.

Ok, so the Dictator is pointless. Just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing out some use for it. That gun was like my top weapon for a long time.
Maybe im using my monarch wrong. Im trying to use it like i used the OPQ system, on anything and everything, not matching elements or caring about annoitments. Maybe that is where im failing, because i had serious failing trying to kill Cober Dawd with a x8 nonelemental Monarch with ASE Cryo damage annointment and it took about 3 FFYLs and 3 full magazines. Idk, i seem to remember it feeling like it did more damage prior to BoB DLC. Must be in my head.

I have noticed that the bounty DLC as well as the cartel event SEEMED a bit harder than other parts of the game , so maybe just try it on one of the proving grounds and see if you notice a difference . Also (you probably already did this) make sure one of your mayhem conditions isn’t hampering that gun.

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Yeah, maybe your right. DLC 2 and 3 seem to have healthier enemies and more hard hitting ones as well. Mine do not have the best annoitments either, so maybe i should try for a consecutive hits or 50/150 rad one.

Also, with a Dictator, can a x6 still do work? That chews up 2 ammo per shot but is technically more pellets than a regular Monarch. Or is the base damage of a Dictator way lower than a Monarch?

Why would they make a repeat gun like this? It is kinda baffling to destroy your loot pool like this…

Ok im going to weight in here, i recently started farming general traunt for a recursion on m10 with fl4k. I spent over a week getting my build ready for m10 and centered it around the Monarch and was happy with it. I switched to zane for a bit getting his clone up and running and now back to fl4k but the monarch seems weak! I actually swapped it out with something else, didnt change one thing just loaded him back up and traunt almost got me. Seems there has been a nerf or glitch effecting its performance. Anyone else or is this me?