The more I play, the less I enjoy it. What's happening?

Anyone else feeling the blues for this game after only a couple months of playing? Here’s my list of off-putting things so far…

  • Matchmaking, both the quickness and overall experience consisting of guessing which team makeup would work best against a faceless opponent. 90% of the games played are decided before they begin. We need to know who we are up against. I’ve litterally shelved this game until at least this one thing is addresseed.

  • Character balancing woes, bugs, and exploits, have been addressed in an unsystematic manner and so far have not been thorough enough. More balances are needed, as well as some actual meta-analysis. Just look at the community feedback.

  • The news of microtransactions, yes I know this is not exactly NEW news, however like many others I found it to be especially bad timing to tell season pass holders that the $haft they’ve been planted on just got a bit longer. Poor judgement on behalf of GBX and 2k.

  • Map selection is about as disappointing as Battlefront was. How can you make such intricate and detailed story environments and then manage spit out these mediocre PvP environments. I seriously don’t get this…

  • Piss poor selection of PvP modes. This might have flown had there been a plethora of maps ranging in size and environment style for each of the three current options. Will this be happening? If only.

  • The forum and devtracker has been a frustrating experience to be honest. I’ve not been a big forum person until more recently, and even more recently for gaming purposes, however the community on the beta was very inviting, all to be forgotten soon into the first few weeks of the official release. I’ve not found the responses to questions or concerns that many players have asked, and good questions, worthy of answers. Not just some generic or sarcastic reply by moderator to notify the user that their topic has been burrowed into another players titled topic, only to be buried under possibly hundreds of comments and not to be ever gazed upon by someone who might actually take some inspiration from the feedback and eventually make its way into the game, and ultimately to the players who gave the feedbacks.

There are many other things I feel I could add, but at the moment I feel these are enough for GBX and 2k to handle, and maybe even too much to handle. I hope to be proved otherwise. Come on, someone with some pull actually reads these things.

Battleborn 2016-?


I know them feels :sweat:

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I am with you on this one, especially with the character balancing and matchmaking part.

Right now it seems the team with the better/only Alani will dominate. It’s even worse when team compositions now usually consists of Alani, Miko, Galilea, and Rath. CCs, insta-pulls, insta-silence, insta-stuns, insta-spin to win seems to be the only sure way to win now. No point playing and enjoying the character you like when they don’t bring anything to the table, at least not compared to that team makeup. I find myself playing lesser games by the day because of this.


I’d really have to disagree with this. Yes the forums are definitely somewhat depressing, I’ll give you that, and micro transactions suck, but I don’t agree with the rest. If you have a problem with the maps and modes, then that’s not really something new. They’ve already stated new maps/modes would be released, and they’re both unique and made fairly well especially with the update to Echelon. LOL and many MOBAs have only a few maps and game modes, so this is somewhat as expected since this game has MOBA roots.

Lastly, with character balance, I disagree completely. Unless you’re choosing a team that is only tanks with no healer or all melee against a decent composition, it matters a little but you can win regardless. For example, a few days ago I had a team of El Dragon, Rath, Attikus, Kelvin, ISIC. That is some awful team composition, and I expected to lose right away because of that. But most of the time, as long as you have wave clear characters, you have an equal advantage to winning. I’ve won without Alani countless times, and really have no trouble killing her with any of the characters I play. She’s a great character and all but not nearly as game breaking as people say. I think the game needs to focus on buffs of Attikus, WF, and maybe a few others before anything else, and I think a great job was done with the balancing.


Arttikus doesn’t need a buff, he can wreck house in good hands… even on sustain gear.

I’m glad to see that at least one person feels that way.

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Sour feeling, isn’t it? I hope to enjoy the game again.

I haven’t found any of those things to be an issue for me.

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Well, yes we tend to merge topics when there are multiple topics online at the same time evolving arround the same themes/ideas/complains/feedback to keep things together.
But I might add that we don´t do sarcastic comments when we act/post in our role as mods/staff. We´re bound to the Forum Rules as well. The short generic post most of us do is, as you said, generic and are made to inform the OP what is happening.
If you ever encounter a problem or issue with the staff/mods behaviour send a PM to another mod to solve out the problems - if you feel a topic was closed or merged wrongly you can do that as well, we´ll see what we can do to help :heart:

Sadly I had faaaar to much work to do in May, so I´ve still ALOT to do in Battleborn.
I first cursed that, my fiance is nearly CR100 while I float aound with CR41 :expressionless: but I now think its a good thing, seeing how many others are already a bit bored…
I think I won´t be grinding it as much as BL1-BL2-TPS, but its still fun for me so far :slight_smile:

There are a lot of games that I really love at first and then wear thin and I move on, some have staying power.

What ever it is that makes a game have staying power for someone is different per person. I’m still loving BB others are not.

I suggest play games that you have fun with.


True statement, fun should ALWAYS come first in gaming.
Some of my very favourite games I have´nt played for a long time or paused in between changing to others, since I played them until I had simply enough. So they got put into the shelf and wait until I can fully enjoy them again.

Now I want to play HoMM3 again, have´nt touched it in years :smile:


Well, people kind of have a mentality these days where we want things right away. We tend to have anything and everything at our fingertips and after doing the same thing for two months it can get a bit boring. I’ve just been playing BL2 and BLPS until things get better with Battleborn. Probably won’t take too much longer.

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