The More Stronger battleborn poll

This isnt a “Nerf this character poll” but mostly a who do you think is doing more well than this character poll. someone mentioned making a poll about it, polls are fun so why not :stuck_out_tongue:. i tried listing most of the people talked about in @epicender584 post.

  • Ernest
  • Boulder
  • Ambra
  • Galilea
  • Miko
  • Kleese
  • El Dragon
  • Thorn

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IMO you should have put 2 or 3 multiple options.

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I should it was confusing me a bit though. don’t sue me pls :pray:


Might need an option for Ghalt.

Ah lol. I just tried to make this but there’s a limit of twenty and two polls would be inoptimal. Thanks for making this!

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Guess Ambras gonna win.
Great character, can be used as attacker, defender or support.

One Ambra to rule them all! :heart_eyes:


wtf guys, leave Ambra alone… I don’t want her to get nerfed into infinity again lmao


Boldur lvl10 1v1 Ambra lvl10.
Boldur gon’ stomp that ass in mates.


Boldur any lvl gonna stomp Almost any char of same lvl.

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nerf ambra so we can buff her again :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Boulder? Is that a new character.

lmao I wonder why so many people get his name wrong
I’ve seen ISIC being called Isaac a lot too though.


Guilty of both and only now do i realize boldur :pray:.

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Yep. Both annoy me to no end. Also, Umbra is almost as bad

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When you say ISIC…you mean ISIS,right?

Wtf kleese and thorn are among the lowest!? I understand boldur but Ernest and ambra? Over kleeses taser and 1k damage mortars and thorns insane mobility and power to destroy anyone that looks at her funny

I have see every Battleborn both completely suck and completely own in any given match. But the recent outliers …

I can tell you that a good Ernest and Kleese together, with just a bit of competent protection from a tank or assassin, can so thoroughly lock down a single-lane map like Overgrowth that it’ll make you hate life and scream at your monitor. Very good Ernests can almost do it themselves, and while it’s easy to not die to Ernest, it’s impossible to ignore his devastating lane presence if he’s skilled and his team is protecting him - mostly because your minions are decimated before they ever get a chance to protect you or keep your opponents / opponent’s minions distracted. In other words … I hope he’s not being looked at only by his kill ratio, because that doesn’t represent his strength in Incursion and Meltdown. But hey … who can get a Meltdown map these days anyhow? :disappointed_relieved:

Ghalt continues to be a complete pain in the rear - a one-hit wonder whose one-hit is brokenly imbalanced in the hands of a skilled player / team. When you have Ghalt and Alani playing together … well, you’re hooked - you’re bubbled - you’re dead. That’s really not fun.

I dominated with Kleese before they gave him +800 hp. This isn’t a hard fix. Take away 500 HP and restore 50% or so of what was taken from heal chair - he’s now back to competent support instead of an arbitrage tank. If we need to leave his HP alone, another option might be to change it so that he can’t have Charge-Up Laser and Lock-On Wrist Tazer simultaneously - they’re equally good at close and far range, and perhaps that strength in both areas is too much utility for a support class with a crapload of HP.

Galilea and Rath continue to have “too many” tools. Rath, as a melee assassin, has two ranged abilities, a slow, a knockup, a silence, lifesteal, and a ridiculous ult. Gali’s tools are more helix-dependent, but everyone’s using silence+pull these days, and those are what the complaints are about. I’d consider removing one of those, while restoring the former “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!” power.

El Dragon is slightly more difficult to play, but like Rath and Pendles, can still smoke dem noobs (the few who remain). I’ve heard there are already changes planned, though, so he’s probably best left until we see what’s coming.

Pendles continues to be able to wreck infrastructure and steal resources like a boss, but completely fail as an assassin against a team that sticks together. Playing Pendles is mostly about whether you’re going to dominate or get owned by any particular group. The fun part is not knowing which until the round starts :slight_smile:

Miko’s a boss against people who insist on ignoring him, as always, and that’s fine. The only problem I have with Miko is the fact that he can hammer the jump button the whole map and never lose lock-on. There are a few jumpy Miko players that are darn near impossible to hit, and kudos to them, but man … people who jump the whole round leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Some Alanis fit in there. I know I’m in the vast, vast majority, and while I admit that jumps are a necessary part of this and other games, I take offense when the best strategy becomes circle-strafe-jumping. The solution is to just absolutely wreck aim upon jumping, but like a grizzled old bastard screaming “Get off my lawn!” to the neighbor’s children, I know no amount of me yelling and complaining about it will change it. I don’t gotta like it though :slight_smile:

Montana, sadly, without a Miko strap-on, is suffering a bit these days, but still very deadly with one, due to Montana’s huge blocking frame and devastating close-range potential.

You can go on. Opinions are like … something-holes - we all got 'em! :slight_smile: Someone else will surely disagree with everything I’ve said.

And while a few sore thumbs stick out, I will take all of these if we could just get back to having a chance to play Meltdown or Capture on the PC, and a hope that the game will still have enough players for matchmaking in the coming months. There were 372 players on at prime-time last night.

This game is simply too awesome to let it fade away without fighting for it. Based on all the great feedback on YouTube and other gaming sites, I’m still amazed that we don’t have more players. Heck, a glowing review from TotalBiscuit probably sells 10-20k copies right there. I’ve played Overwatch - it’s bland and unpolished, at the least, when stacked against Battleborn, which also happens to have a single-player / story mode. I really don’t get it.

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I saw someone call Galilea Galileo.


Why is that another pure PVP poll in General section? It belongs to Competitive.

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To join this: Do you guys remember Alanis release which was same time as the “Alamo-7” gear got nerfed/deactivated first?
I can´t count how many "Alani 7"´s and “Alano/Alamo OP” things I saw. “Alami 7” is my favorite :smile:

Sorry for derailing this further, I needed to get it of my chest.

Voted Ambra. She´s in a fine spot, almost as strong as in CTT times, though back then she was a raging goddess compared to her current state.
Boldur is second on my list as well. (I hate him, even stupid Boldur-bots don´t want to die…I´m bad…)