The most boring, unoriginal game ever?

What exactly is the point in companies continually churning out unoriginal garbage like this?

Do they think people are going to climbing over each other to drop money on such a yawn fest?

They’ve managed to produce some sort of basic Quake 1, restricted to 1 V 1 (which makes sense because there will probably only be two people who buy this game), made the environments looks as generic as possible (looks like an Evolve map - another DOA turd game).

Then just to add to the lameness and pander to Autistic DOTA-types, they’ve thrown in some sort of stupid ‘Cards/Stats’ nonsense to further turn you off playing, since no doubt a casual game will be out of the question because of the convoluted rank system. I thought I accidentally loaded Talisman until I heard the awful electro-dubstep music.

Gearbox, if you read this, just cut your damn losses and stop now. Try be original for once.
Go back to the drawing board and think up something that hasn’t been done 1000 times already. At least TRY to be creative.

I had the same feelings as you. And it is good that you bring this up for Gearbox to read. Gearbox, you guys have to innovate. maybe instead of just cards, make it into parts that our characters can use? Gun cards are simple, just switch them to actual guns. For air jump cards, maybe you can give the character a fancy shoe with rockets attached to the sole. Phase reverse cards can be turned to cool futuristic belts that the character can wear. Then you can take it a step further and include different rarities for each type of items. So for air jumps, maybe you can have different shaped shoes, lighting effect, aura effect, etc. That would definitely appeal to me! Cards doesn’t really work for me now haha. Good luck Gearbox! Rooting for you!