The most Eggcelent Easter Egg


Due to some unfortunate setbacks, this amazing new Hyperion product’s revealing is a day late, but you still can enjoy the endless amount of murderous delicious chocolaty goodness built from the new EGG Pattern Constructor Bot!

Just open the deadly friendly little guy to reveal the numerous toxic edible EGG Loaders inside!

Now all you verminous good little bandits human beings can dive into an endless supply of Easter goodness, courtesy of Hyperion!

This little dork was made out of a plastic egg I got from the dollar store, plastic spruce left over from model kits, and other scrap bits on my hobby table. Then painted up with citadel paints. Here is a photo of it fresh off the factory floor!


This entire post is immensely pleasing.


Ninja edits a photo. lol much better

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amazing i need one!!

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This is nothing short of brilliant.

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And you are unable to stop me this time! This plan is flaaaaaaaaaaaaawleeeessssssssssssss!

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I have a constructor’s user manual somewhere. Heheheh

You will be unable to tamper with these little blokes, as I constructed them myself! Only I know of their inner workings and secrets!

Your attempts of sabotage will be futile, bandit!