The most elite Fragtrap squad

So everybody knows by now that a party of 4 claptraps is pretty much the most destructive force known in the Galaxy. We’re not here to debate that.

But what would the most efficient, badass, ruthless, best-equipped, min-maxed-specced, squad of Fragtraps look like, and what kind of tactics would they employ? Here’s my vision…

  1. Sapper
    With Safety First activated all the time, acts as a damage soaking tank. Changes out shields depending on enemy composition - including the Sham, Avalanche, Haymaker, etc… Can dish out damage with a Ravager and Flakker, and do his fair share of cryo-application with a Fridgia backed by Coincidental Combustion. Might use a Cathartic Juggernaut/Moonlight saga oz kit to help with tanking. Or 3DDie.

  2. Chronicler of Elpis
    The Executioner. Uses Meganades to group up mobs, mass freezes them with a 2 scoops, all the while setting off constant SWAB novas. Uses a Laser Disker and IVF boosted by Grenade Vent/bomber OZ to deal massive single target damage against badasses.

  3. Loose Cannon/Deputy
    Anti-air support. Covers fast airborne/cryo resistant threats (if there were more of these other than RK5) with fast/multiple-projectile weapons like the quad, flayer, Maggie, mining laser in various elements. Could also operate from a distance with a sniper rifle, also acting as a scout (if we weren’t already so familiar with the games’ maps).

  4. Brotrap/Vanquisher/Celestial/Glitch/Overclocker
    Support - runs around in Medbot.exe 100% of the time. just kidding.
    Uses Stormfronts/Pandemics/elemental guns paired with Maniacal Laughter to keep the squad topped off, or spams VH.exe with maxed cooldown rate.

What do you think? Anybody here want to help me fill out and possibly realize in-game this vision? I’ve personally only played with Sapper/Chronicler explosive builds so that’s why the first 2 positions are the most detailed. And I realize with the generous level 70 cap and lack of flying+cryo-proof enemies there’s only a slight need for specialization, so in practice there really only needs to be a division of Boomtraps and elemental Fragtraps, but what the hey.

You forgot roboninja shocktrooper and glass Cannon liability ^^ nah, jk

Also, good one on the chronicler, I’ve hit up to 250mil damage per throw in the arena with a dedicated tediore build.

Buuut. 4 luck Cannon nishas might still top that off.

ridiculous and im here to debate that lol

Jack Team
2-4x CEO of all CEO’s
2-4x Indistinguishable Projection

2-3x Celestial
1-2x CoE

nuff’ said!



did u even tried playing with 4 traps and 4 wilhelm at all?
cuz 4 claptrap is joke against 4 wilhem, well maybe… definitely more fun! but still… yeah playin’ more fun is actually way much more better lol

This is the fragtrap thread so that’s why i put that little joke in the beginning, but to digress, here are the finer points of 4x VH.exe vs. 4x Wolf & Saint

4x VH.exe:
-unlimited range of effect
-full heal for single member upon activation
-possibility of 100% ammo refill
-possibility of massive party DPS boost in Gun wizard, mechromancer
-possibility of single member DPS boost in Pirate Ship, Funzerker
-possibility of strong party heal-over-time in Laser inferno
-possibility of aggro diversion with no DPS boost (turret, deception, ducky).
-almost-guarantee of team revive at most critical times
-small chance of almost-useless Meat Unicycle/Medbot

4x Wolf & Saint:

  • 4x steady damage automatons, able to chase difficult flying enemies
  • 4x Overcharge - strong (stackable?) 10s party DPS boost with limited range of effect, moderate ammo regen.
  • 4x stackable 25% damage boost with Laser Guided
  • 4x steady shield/health restore

So you can see they somewhat balance each other. VH.exe is less consistent but capable of more powerful boosts, W&S is more consistent.

Lmk if I missed anything. If we start comparing Clap vs. Wilhelms individual skills, we’ll find that both are capable of similar feats so that’s why I didn’t touch on those comparisons

Roboninja could act as a tank similar to the Sapper so that could fit on the Elite Fragtrap squad… Brings in bonus style points too.

You’ll have to enlighten me about the glass cannon claptrap though…

Nah, I meant that a roboninja claptrap is always the most fragile out of the lot, always having the HP exposed with a roid shield while not getting any more HP or damage reduction than the other builds, while the melee damage can never even compare to OLT or Tediore chucks.

I seriously don’t see how a full Wilhelm team can outdo a full Clap team. Wilhelm’s damage output is pretty lackluster to begin with, and I don’t see how 4 of them can outdo all those 880% OLTs or 100mil+ tediore throws.

It appears I have been giving wilhelm too much credit when I said they are ‘capable of similar feats’, I was basing that on his ability to double the Laser Disker’s mag capacity with Laser Focus and Master Blaster COM. Went and tested it for myself and realized that Claptrap has LodenSplode + Grenade Vent over Wilhelm.

Not only.

Drop the Hammer, L’n’S, SWAB, Living near the edge, Organized Guns and GV are the skills that effect it.

And wilhelm has Afterburner, Laser paint, Laser focus and Gun Show, but lacks explosive and grenade damage boosts.

i wish i have a captured the moment when 4 Wilhelm were doin’ the yellow glitch Vengeance Cannon together, it literally almost freeze/crashed the game on both PS3 and PS4 from all 4 players

i can see how like 4 claptrap can give different variety and possibility compare from a 4 wilhelm straight-up-dawg-time, its not about opinion but each class/group has its own uniqueness, cleverness, and strong points, and it can be put into a case of approach in a different scenario

all in all, as i see it now, its really hard to compare and debate with Trap v Helm, as it can be a long discussion

like you really gonna go over the Fragmented tree and get Grenade Vent lol
btw Bulwark and 3DD1E can also increase LD damage

i dont really see how Wilelm will/to be exactly an Explsoive kind of guy?
as he’s kinda build or suited more for Lasers + Elemental
thats why they kinda created and gave the LD to him lol

Hm. why not, claptrap can kill the Raidboss fairly fast using the LD. Don’t know if I can get close to that using Wilhelm. Gotta try it some time.

damn u PC master race lol
i cant pull off that fast on console and pad
sh*t was gnarly though

I can kinda see how claptarps wouldn’t be thaaaaaaaaaaat great in a unique cluster, just because the only really obvious co-op synergy skils are ML, BB4L, H5G, and AtT, which are nice bonuses I guess, but AtT doesn’t get ludicrously high for the Clappy’s, ML will only really be abused by 1/2 members (coupled with the fact that it’s only really good when THAT clappy is low), and having to High 5 4 fricken claptraps every 30 seconds to get that boost. nothanks.

Also Organized guns might screw over other claptraps, like the sapper with his perfect 8 mag ravager/12 mag flakker

Don’t think I’d like to be in a 4 person Claptrap squad due to the fact that some action skills get pushed to teammates (e.g., Funzerking). It already gets too crazy/confusing with just one other Claptrap!

Only need 2 Hi5s every 30 seconds to buff the whole party actually. It’s more of a tool to use against the toughest bosses, because the Squad would do fine against most mobs at baseline FR and gun damage.

You’re also forgetting about Gun Wizard (and the whole VH.exe suite, but Gun Wizard mostly). Base cooldown of 40s is lowered to 30 with 5/5 TTT, which then is further lowered every time a VH.exe is activated, you’re looking at least one Gun Wiz for every minute of intense mobbing situations. Guesstimating the number here but you get the idea…

Having a 4 shot flakker or a 3 shot ravager doesn’t completely ruin the DPS of the Sapper, besides it’s not his primary role to dish out damage. Plus, a tediore Grip flakker (10 mag) can take up to 29.4% mag increase and retain 3 shots, and tediore grip ravager can take up to 14.27%. Each point of OG gives 2% team bonus, so that comes out to 14 possible points distributed among the non-sappers to preserve the 3shot Flakker, while just making do with an overloaded Ravager.

Reading back this whole post I’ve realized that constant Gun Wizards will throw the finely tuned OLT guns off a lot of the time… however the Laser Disker/IVF are still available to the Sapper.

Well @CDR_Shepard, we have nothing further to discuss here. =P

I’m wondering if a FFYL based build is possible. Claptrap gets damage boost during FFYL, about 70% before coms, maybe some build revolving about going down on purpose might actually work.