The most hilarious glitch yet

I just started a solo campaign as Fl4k, and I’d heard that GBX had to fix an issue with Fl4k’s pet walking around in cut-scenes; apparently this was distracting. Well, they didn’t quite get it right because a very dramatic cut-scene was turned into a joke when my jabber’s shotgun was floating around throughout the whole cut-scene. Guess they didn’t actually remove the pet, they just made it invisible…and they forgot to make the jabber’s gun invisible too.

I died laughing.

Got a recording?

Unfortunately, I do not. Hopefully it hasn’t been fixed by the time I start TVHM.

I can confirm. Happened to me in cut seen as well. Was pretty cool. I want that character build.

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Its happened to me a few times as well. Just a floating gun.

Not a huge issue, but it was funny.

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Happened to me during one of the bigger spoilers of the game as well. It was supposed to be a somber moment when suddenly we see Mr. Shotgun just skipping across the screen.

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Yup. That’s the spot. Somber moment.

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