The most important change BL3 needs IMO

Dear Gearbox.
Please make rare spawn enemies not a rare spawn, or make their kill side quest on the bounty board all the time and not exclusively when a friend kills them so that we can read the only farm at least. This would make farming more forgiving as it is very hard already to get the item you want because most mobs have multiple drops, the element you want and the anointment. I think this would be a welcome change even if you had to lower drop rates slightly (but please don’t).
also, I’ve seen on other threads that some people think that if these enemies spawned all the time that the farm would be boring. I disagree as I think that having 75% of runs result in nothing even spawning and having no chance of getting the drop is waaaay more boring than my alternative.

I’m open to criticism, please do tell me what you think

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no we need splitscreen to work and a better UI for singleplayer as well. it’s so laggy buggy and hard to read even on big tvs or a good monitor.


I don’t have any trouble reading it even without my glasses, and my TV isn’t big. And it’s been relatively quick since a couple of updates ago. And rare enemy spawn rate has a broader effect than splitscreen.

I much prefer to play solo and I don’t even have the bounty board.

I wish we all got a bounty board.

We need endgame

Sorry, but if rare spawns are increased then loot chances will probably get dropped across the board… They don’t want us to have easy access to gear otherwise they wouldn’t lock content behind higher tier difficulties.

As increasing rare spawns would have such a negative outcome I’m against it and actually echo the sentiment posted by @Vizard. Get us some actual fixes for multiplayer that doesn’t require us to link up with randoms online… Or hell even fix the tons of errors people have crashing their games when they elect to play with randoms online. Game isn’t working for tons of people - priority shouldn’t be given to making things easier just so they can turn around and nerf drop rates as a whole on everyone.

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are you playing solo or splitscreen? bc the UI is just small on solo i can read it but with split it can be hard at times to read it esp compared to bl2 and bltps

An actual designed endgame and properly tuned loot progression curve.


Solo/online co-op. But the post I was responding to was specifically talking about “a better UI for singleplayer”.

bc it’s a bad UI. doing quests is a pain not only for checking them but sorting them is a pain and isnt saved. another issue is how they have limited sorted options for weapons and no compare option. only when equipping can you compare. the weapon icons also constantly have the wrong image like a sniper rifle image on my pistols. they also changed it back to the BL1 format instead of sticking with all the improvements Bl2 made. the UI is also super slow when changing tabs. the abilities screen sometimes tweaks out when moving and it changes in weird ways like move to another tree instead or just in the same tree. there’s even more singleplayer has issues with its IU


Well then all they have to do is actually make the game run properly. don’t put so much bs in the game that it wont run on a ps4 or xbox, and that would make the game a whole lot better. Go watch someone play on pc, the game actually looks playable, bc everything loads correctly

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This is almost why i dont get on here bc first: nobody even answed you in this forum and they went on to talk about a ui that doesn’t have a problem really. Second: borderlands hotfixers and patchers don’t take anyones perspectives on hear they just listen to genius streamers bc there so correct lol. Third: i see your point both ways and played the game alot already and i see it as they need to just turn up the anoited drop rate on rares plus turn up there spawn rate, bc i farmed all them when the rates were turned up and still didnt get everything i wanted, and they could make anoited enemies alway drop a guaranteed legendaries, so people would farm anointed enemies. Boss farming and raid running does get boring though when you dont really get rewarded and there is billions of different stuff to be dropping, so i think that they need to come up with some creative things to keep there base players or use some of our ideas on hear and listen to the players not just the streamers.


even on my PC it isnt as fluid as Bl2 was. I can run other more process and graphic intense games just fine on higher settings. even those streamers arent that fluid.
you also ignored the other points.

can you not read?

they said most important change. running properly matters WAY more than simple rates.

this was difficult to read.

bc you still have multiple RNG factors. not only specific anointed types but the guns you want them on and the stats too. other factors matter as well. theyre not just gonna turn up only what YOU specifically want.

thats waaaaay too much. it makes 0 sense to make such a rare thing that common. are you even using mayhem or tvhm? this is why i dont like the forums. people who think everything should drop their way and make requests that arent at all based in reality.

Running properly isn’t a problem for the entire fan base. I agree fixing the core game should be a priority to the rare spawn rates - however ignoring that the game works fine for some is just as bad as those saying that since the game doesn’t crash their consoles it must not be a problem.

If they were discussing the loot drop rates, and wanted to quadruple chances with regards to dedicated drops while making world drops 25% as likely - so players are able to actually work towards what they want instead of having better luck playing to RNG… Then I would actually support the request because it would help more players. Rates aren’t the worst fix needed in the game - but rare spawns are frequent enough they don’t need priority over ui fixes.

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+1. My personal little heuristic: if someone puts 0 effort in composing their post (‘little things’ like spelling, paragraphs, punctuation, there/their/they’re usage), I’m going to invest the same effort in reading it. I guess I’m officially old now…


neither are drop rates.
also i was just quoting you to show the other person YOU already answered the OP. sorry to bug you.

I’d be OK with that except maybe triple instead of quad.

honestly they can be worked on at the same time bc it’s different teams/people who do the work but I feel like drops are harder to balance.


im fine with u n and ur but using the long form wrong makes it harder for me to read bc im a bit dyslexic so i get salty about it since i have to work even harder to get the same result. i do understand other people dont have english as their 1st language but i find that native speakers are worse sadly

I haven’t had any issues. Indeed, the ability to quickly cycle through the current quests on the move makes it rather convenient. The only way I could see it becoming problematic is if someone did something ridiculous like accepting every side quest in the game without doing them along the way. But that’d be a daft case of the cat pulling its own tail.

I’m referring to accepting multiple quests when they come available most of the time 2-3 are active at a time. they arent sorted by location unless you manually do sort them which isnt saved next time you go to the screen so choosing which ones to do is more tedious than it used to be.

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Never have to go to a quest screen. The objective is on the HUD, and the quests there can be easily cycled through.