The most important change BL3 needs IMO

I swapped it out for using quick switch for my guns like bl2. it’s faster esp in combat that needs quick changes. i prefer gameplay over quest stuff I barely use in comparison

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You need to use it often enough to complain about doing it the long way, apparently. Meanwhile, the fraction of a second difference between tapping a button up to three times rather than once is insignificant. Not long enough to be life or death. Maybe long enough to prevent using a weapon swap exploit, but I wouldn’t know about using such exploits.

so i guess you’re not applying the current hotfix then, because increasing rare spawns has “such a negative impact”.

I’ve read some ■■■■ threads in my time by this takes the cake.

Lol like the raid scaling ‘has such a negative impact’ … No I’m not considering the increase from a temporary event as a drawback. My whole argument was that as the developers have not increased drop rates no matter the number of complaints they’ve recieved on them - they are happy with the current difficulty level of acquiring gear. Increasing rare spawns only makes it easier so if a permanent adjustment were to be made it would coincide with a nerf to overall drop rates as a result. A permanent increase is the problem - not an event aimed at getting folks back into the game.

To me getting rid of rare spawn enemies would just help to ease frustration. My least favourite thing to do in this game is to repeatedly save and quit to not even get a chance to fight the enemy I’m trying to farm. On console I’d spend more time in loading screens than actually playing and that just isn’t rewarding or fun in the slightest. And there isn’t any evidence they would nerf drop rates if a change was made, a lot of these weapons can’t even be world drops

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I completely understand where you’re coming from, it never made sense to me that rare spawns should be determined by the loading of a map. Any other game that I’ve played has always had rare spawns dictated by timers so the enemy couldn’t be loaded in more frequently - but this is Borderlands, and farming loot has become an on demand feature deemed necessary by consumers so it’s the best way they can implement this feature currently.

True, however plenty of folks are still leveling new characters (and don’t forget the impending release on steam). Forcing players to fight additional enemies of greater difficulty in every zone on every play through whether they want gear from them or not is an additional side effect of this request.

For the time being it should remain rare spawns, maybe another year from the stream release they can increase the spawn rates because by then trading forums/discord will have already been flooded with exclusive gear, and there wouldn’t be a point in nerfing the drop rates to keep a balance.

Overall the impatience of some consumers just shouldn’t negatively impact the game for others - and having some patience in the meantime ensures you’re not disrupting their game play. Thanks.

Ok, now I get your argument. It definitely makes sense. but i personally don’t think they’d lower overall drop rates for every single drop source. if they increased spawn rates/got rid of rare spawns altogether, then i think at most they’d lower drop rates for those specific enemies. And id prefer this scenario over the one we have now just because its less boring/frustrating and it has a higher chance of world drops


a fraction of a 2nd done 1000s of times adds up esp when that time can easily be lessened. thats why in programming esp with loops those small amounts can add up to minutes and even hours

They don’t add up, because they’re each only relevant within their own moment.

Just wanted to add my personal experience… In splitscreen the lag was so bad I had no choice to go back to classic. I could press the button 3 times and it would register once - or even register all three but only swap a gun before lagging, tricking me into thinking it didn’t work so I press the button again just to have it catch back up and put me on the one I started with.

The game needs to start running smoothly before other fixes are considered.

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I don’t know how quick the loading screens are on PC, or even if you have any at all, but on console they are pretty long. So I am sure that you can see peoples frustration of reloading a map and not even having a target to kill, it is unbelievably tedious and dull.

Rare spawns suck bawlz on console and until this game runs optimally, they should not exist.

wrong. having it happen each time I’m swapping tabs esp more than once means both in the one instance of using the menu and in between uses it takes a lot more time than it should.
if it takes quarter of a 2nd but thru the ENTIRE time i’m playing that extra quarter adds up to potentially hours if playing long enough and with BL most people do end up playing hours worth.
doing that swapping adds up to lost time regardless of time between instances of it happening.
if you could walk or drive somewhere that shaves off only a minute twice a day if you do that every week day for a year (5 days a week * 2 twice a day * 52 weeks) for lets say to and from school or work that’s over 12 hours wasted. So most people would gladly take that alternate route instead of unnecessarily wasting time.
since i use the menus more than twice day closer to over 50+ times even with a quarter of a 2nd it adds up to a lot of wasted time. well over an hour if i play once a day for even a short period of time which now that I have weekends free again due to work chilling out I can play way longer resulting in more time wasted

The bit you responded to about tapping a button up to three times versus once being a fraction of a second was specifically about the two methods of swapping weapons. There is no menu involved there. And the fraction of a second for the weapon swap is only relevant to that specific moment between potential shots.

so youre ignoring the parts about the menu being a pain? that way my focus of my point.

i use the menu to swap quests. I use the hot keys for weapon swaps.
switching with 1 button to instantly swap vs having a contextualized amount of button presses based on your current weapon’s slot and how many slots away your next weapon is are vastly different. even if you remember every slot and space of your weapons even when constantly changing equipment your brain still needs process all those memories and they can be remembered wrong. while the instant swap requires way less knowledge and thought. even making a mistake is less of a punishment bc it’s still 1 button press and one option eliminated while the 1-3 requires REcontextualization.
having instant swap on has actually saved me from dying multiple times esp on harder difficulties. that fraction of a 2nd can be the difference between one or more shots killing an enemy and you going down/dying.

those fractions also DO still add up bc im saving time. see previous examples about traveling and saving a minute. sure that day is only 1 minute but over time it still adds up from all the time in combat you saved. so whether it is menus, actions, or both reducing wasted time still matters. thats why streamlined games with faster actions and UI are better praised than slow sluggish/tedious ones.

if i can beat a game and get the same (or better) rewards, experience, story, etc AND do it in less time esp hours worth I’m going to. why play a game for longer to get the same experience?

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Let’s keep this to talking about the game and not one another, eh? Trading cheap shots doesn’t move the discussion forward.

Also, if you’re going to talk about loading times, please be clear as to your PLATFORM - it makes a huge difference, and no one is being helped by assuming everyone is on $PLATFORM when they are not.