Should Marcus shut up on character selection?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please make Marcus shut up on character selection, it’s driving me nuts. “A s- a mech a cove- a robo- a s- a sy- a cov- a sy…”

This is literally the worst thing ever. Please fix this Gearbox, please…


I thought this was going to be a troll or click bait post but as someone who has 153 save files (mostly mules) I’m 100% with on this fix! :grin:

I turned my dialog option down to zero volume ages ago. I really enjoyed the dialog in BL2 can’t stand it in BL3.

I main Zane and his comments and wheezing cracks me up. So I have to suffer the boring dialog of NPCs so I can enjoy Zane’s lines.

Even if I were constantly making characters, I’d have to sit there at the character selection indecisively or intentionally cycling back and forth for quite some time for Marcus to even be noticeable. And even passing familiarity would be enough to have decided before even getting to that screen.

Changing the audio files to have a 2 second delay would fix this (or even no delay, just 2 seconds of silence).

Easy fix; great improvement in quality of life.