The most overpowered Oscar Mike Build

So heres a quick post on the most op oscar mike build I’ve built so far. I went 21-4 with this build on meltdown playing with one friend and 3 randoms.

helix build:
lvl 1 LT
lvl 2 LT
lvl 3 LT
lvl 4 LT
lvl 5 RT
lvl 6 RT
lvl 7 y or RT
lvl 8 RT
lvl 9 RT
lvl 10 y or RT

items used:
vow of zealous fury
vyn’s quiver
eviscerating endo skeletal graft

if you want to see the gameplay of how this build plays visit my channel :

look for the most op oscar mike build, video! Thanks for checking this out in advance and if you want to see more like this be sure to check out the rest of my channel and subscribe for video updates. I am also willing to make videos of builds for people and theory builds as well.

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Thanks for the video and yes that is verry overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very welcome I enjoy this game and love making videos for it, plus it may help my channel helping other people so I’ll mark it up as a win win situation. Thanks for watching it though!

No problem :slight_smile:

Here is what i Like to run.
Impact Trigger
Fragcendiary Grenade
I select Red Dot or Scope Depending on the situation.
Back In A Jif
Far-Flung Frags (This just feels more consistent to me, and has a nice synergy with the Scope)
High-Velocity Ammo (helix mod)
Embiggened Boom
Stealth Savings
Holy Crap, Concussive Strike!(Has nice synergy with incendiary AoE)

@tommygross06 I tweeted it out but i updated the battleborn profile pages on my website with character guides from the community, this also includes your videos.

I really like playing Oscar Mike.
I like your build, but i pick the Speed Boost at LVL 4 for positioning my self quickly.
I do pick up the increased shield recharge at LVL 6 instead of the long range frag. I pick this because i learned to aim the frags with the shorter range. On my previous build i did pick up the LVL 4 skill for instant shield recharge. The LVL 6 skill has some good synergy with that one. If i pick up the long range frags i overshoot everything:/

Because my lower gear provides

Thanks man I got a channel full of builds. I think you youtube as well, are you by any chance on xbox?

i made playlist for all the battleborn and added all of your guides to them so they show up on the character pages.

i youtube a bit :wink:

PC with Xbox Controller, i was thinking about getting it on the XBOX…

If you do get it on the xbox we could make a collab sometime. You have more subscribers than me lol 1.5k…but thanks for adding them on there, I just made an orendi build today that was pretty nice just posted it on her forums. I like your site and you make pretty good wall papers and screenshots, I think I may have used one or two off google images for my thumbnails. Anyways let me know for sure if you do get it for xbox!

Just a thought would taking the initial damage off of fragcienedary grenade make names on names viable and make the napalm balanced