The most physically powerful battleborn

Ok today we will determine what I typed above, this factors in passive like stacks by the way and is lore wise

For me I would say either attikus or el dragon, attikus is said by ghalt to be the strongest thrall he has ever seen, and he makes shock waves,
El dragons arms were made by kleese and if gameplay is with lore somewhat, he is the highest damager melee,

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Well montana would give them a run for their money imo. The guy is about as big as attikus and his flick actually knock people backwards XD. Although Pendles, being a snake might have enough power to crush bones(and/or necks) with his snake arm…

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Well I think that is more of a gameplay thing (though I believe montana could do that to smaller characters) and if that is true for every character that would make marquis strong as him with a slap
Bit montana is top 5

Well, Attikus does have a beer belly :stuck_out_tongue:. Although you would likely be correct about Montana. El dragon would maybe be up there but I would ask: are we counting hp as well?

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Nah that is toughness this is all about strength, by the way believe it or not, attikus actually has a strong mans build

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Oh i know just wanted to point that one out :stuck_out_tongue:. And in sheer strength huh? Yeah El dragon would definitely be up there. Attikus too. Hmm I’d imagine Gallilea would be up there too, Being essentially possessed by a wraith(? not too sure haven’t done her lore) and I’d imagine that with her passive essentially sucking the life out of everything that’d help too.

Galilea is not possessed, she is the result of failed sustainment (possibly mixed with eldrid magic), however she is probably on raths strength level

Are el dragons arms completely mechanical or is there arms underneath those massive things?
If we’re running off base physical strength then id have to give it to Attikus over dragon only because machines have limits and in a realistic sense, el dragon cld have a mechanical issue at any time, eapecially in the thick of battle. Also el dragon is just a normal guy(in a sense) an if Thralls are averagely stronger then a standard human male, then a juiced up experiment thrall wld be even stronger.
Id give the advantage to Attikus, but if not then id say they were even.

Well I always think that this is the future and KLEESE made those arms and I can’t see them dysfunction midbattle with characters like ISIC and marquis, and while they do have limits, who knows how far
Oh his arms are not there, they are completely torn off

If theres one thing ive learned about kleese so far in this game, its to never fully trust something of his design. Im pretty sure he said all of his AI’s, aside from Nova, have gone haywire with murderous tendacies.
Kleese reminds me alot of Rick from Rick an Morty just without the alcoholism and constant cursing, meaning ofcourse that everything he makes may not be perfect, but it gets the job done.
But that also leaves room for error.
But, “What ifs” aside, i feel dragon and Attikus are equal, or Attikus is top dog strength wise.
Hopefully the new DLC operation may glean more information to support my Attikus claim, but we will see

Boldur would be pretty strong with that low centre of gravity to boot.

Aurox is probably up there too; in the lore he breaks some kind of impenetrable safe or something iirc.

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How were hos arms torn off? Is that covered in his lore? If so dont tell me ill figure it out when i get there lolz

I think it might be in his lore? I’d imagine so. I know one of them is kinda hinting at it…

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Aurox, and all floating characters in anything, just boggles my mind, he DOESNT HAVE LEGS, how do they measure their strength since half their body is non existant or is completely useless?
Like how does he strain to pick something up? Or does he have like a set weight limit he can pick up an even a pound over wld make it impossible?
Lift with your legs not your back…but what if he has no legs? Is that all back strength?

Then i will find out on my own, i always try to avoid spoilers if i can help it lolz

It is covered in his lore.

A pay-per-view horror show.

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Sweetness, ill gun for that one first then.
Cheers :slight_smile:

No spoilers, but it ain’t his fault the AI went insane

Is that in Kleese’s lore? Or in ISIC’s? Or both?
Im currently workin on all the Jennerit lore an LLC is my next group that im guna focus on.

ISIC and marquis lore

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