The most physically powerful battleborn

Get ready! They have IMO the second best backstory (Jennerit is more developed

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Im excited to hear that! I chose LLC next because i love using Phoebe an im putting off doing her lore until im done with Jennerit.
Who wld u say has the hardest Lore challenges in the LLC?

I feel the UPR would be cooler if it went into the dark part of the UPR, their draconian law enforcement, illegal cloning (whiskey calls the UPR fascist) and stuff like that

El Dragon’s used to be tough and grindy (1000 minion kills with dragon splash, final blow on ISIC, a million clotheslines or whatever it was) but they’re OK now.

Phoebe’s addonexus is tricky too, but easy under the right circumstances.

Kleese’s ride of the battlethrone of whatever is hard becuase it’s nigh impossible to get a captrue match now.

Orendi. She only chooses to be little, you guys.


Thought it was Reyna.

She could go Super Saiyan.


Are we refferung to the physical aspect of a characters individual strength? Cause ambra can pull god damn meteors from the sky. Manipulation of gravity provides very interesting factors in “strength”


I’m still wondering why they chose to have Ambra use fire in game when two of her lores explicitly mention how the Silent Sisters staffs manipulate Gravity, and Ambra specifically using Her staff to pull down meteors.

@EdenSophia @skeksis_SYL this is purely physical strength

Yeah im pretty sure we’re talkin just plain ol regular physical strength.

That’s actually a good point.

She could choose to take the form of Godzilla, though I wonder if sheer size would grant strength inherently?

Well it was a simple choice of the silent sisters relationship to the sun, they just felt ambra would fit with her personality (she does talk about fire a lot and the sun, she is a semi Pyro maniac almost

I misunderstood, I think orendi can’t necessarily change size and be stronger, only change her genetic code

In that case, ISIC in Algorithm form.

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I am not a fan of that rule :stuck_out_tongue:

I am gonna go with ISIC though. Maybe el dragon is stronger but they would be close

Possibly, but seeing rath hold down the spider sentries sword makes me think algorithm form is not THAT strong (and I’m not using that since it is not currently form) if we were to go most firepower though, ISIC definitely

The only thing ISIC has in common with a spider sentry is that he’s a robot? By that logic, El Dragon is weaker than Rath, because his arms are also robots…

This discussion is pointless.

Kid Ultra is the strongest, and the best.


Why Kid Ultra?

No, no, I don’t think algorithm form is super strong due to rath being able to beat the spider sentry in their sword clash (basically for example I can see some one of raths strength hold their own against ISIC algorithm form stomping on him)