The most physically powerful battleborn

And Attikus isn’t strong because Marquis can knock back basic thralls with quick melee

(and Attikus himself for that matter, haha)

Gameplay things can be ignored (depends) like we can all assume marquis can’t actually knock back attikus lore wise and that montana can really only flick back smaller characters (and it does not matter to me if they have robot parts as strength)

So… is your final answer Rath? because your argument from spider sentry is bewildering to me, haha

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His lore explains that he has strength equivalent to the innovation behind his design, so in this case, limitless.


Clever justification.

Nah, it’s just that I dont think algorithm form ISIC is the physically strongest, and I see rath at the top 6 strongest battleborn, my answers are el dragon and attikus

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But ISIC is no more a spider sentry than El Dragon or Attikus is!

I think we are both in misunderstanding, I’m using ISICS present form (which is probably physically pretty strong considering the El dragon incident)
Honestly I think ISIC has the most firepower though

I read this:

and for, some reason, am now doggedly determined to get you to acknowledge that the intro spider sentry was not Algorithm ISIC or even vaguely related to him, hahaha

Hmm yeah I was not very clear, okay here is what I mean, if something of that sentries design is made to decimate using those swordsand rath managed to beat it’s strength, I can see other battleborn being able to out muscle algorithm ISIC because to me, it does not look like it was made for battle

but your argument for El Dragon is

Wasn’t ISIC also made by Kleese? And in boss form, don’t his physical attacks (like the crashing shockwave) do more damage than any punch from El Dragon?

I should add I legitimately can’t remember if Kleese made ISIC’s giant mech form or not

No idea, let’s see ISIC started out as a regular system that later evolved into a magnus, ISIC later made a weaponized mech (it is possible kleese made the mech and ISIC weaponized it once he became insane) and walks in one kleese when he was on the phone, so I assume the huge mech was made by ISIC

Come on, not even a contest. The strongest.



Agreed. As is, they’re kinda meh

Addonexus takes a run specifically designed for it on a weird way. Kleese’s is difficult without an event. Dragon has to deal with ISIC’S floating head. Otherwise, they’re fine

Isic literally ripped his arms off. So there is no arms under there.

El dragon is the strongest most likely, his arms are jet powered.


I think he’s the best in PVP being that I can easily take double thralls by myself very early on with no problem. This shifts the tide in our favor if I can consistently get them without intervention by the other team.

I played 2 games yesterday where I pulled and then followed the doubles completely missed by enemy battleborn because they were not paying attention to the map right to their sentries destroying them. it was hilarious.

Once you get the 20% attack speed, it makes it that much easier.

I’m torn as far as who is stronger, El Dragon or Kelvin. El Dragon because his clap creates a concussive force strong enough to kill. Kelvin because he does the same thing by hitting the ground. Montana can stomp the ground for similar effect. But, that’s an ult vs a regular attack.

On the other hand, Attikus is able to fling himself through the air. Rather impressive given his proportions.

Sigh. I want to make a joke about how being strong while short doesn’t count. But, that’d be perpetuating heightism. Boldur has it best. “You may be taller, but Boldur is more alive than you!”

That grizzly man beard though lol

Says the guy with Wilhelm as his main photo =)