The most powerful and who need a nerf within them

I AM lv 70 as of 4/15/2016 so who is most powerful character in game that would be Ambra no longer still would like add slower effect like ISIC has when she doing it basic ray beam move that is all or just remove ISIC slow when he doing basic ak men I pity the guy. now she has a reason to use her secondary now.GALILEA better than most it fact she got a ranged stun on lv one that it after nerfs nothing changed because the main problem was the fact what made her powerful was not her ult lv 10 30 Movement speed nor was it 700 damage from her dark spot move nor was it the skill move that gave her 7 hp per second. the fact she had a two second if you lower her stun return everything else give her back her 700 and 30 movement speed and her 7 hp per second her win lose would still drop stun lower that in contrast everyone else has to chase the other person around the map because have they have no way to stun them. So just so you know I play phoebe she has no stun. them at all just like Attikus that, why she and he is so much weaker than GALILEA because she and him has to chase other person around the map how can give basic slow to her true strike and him a slower with his charged strikes as well that would fix everything. Raith got something to stun them BOLDUR got something to stun as well KELVIN EL dragon got a stun DEANDE got a stun. See what I am saying. Now as for most powerful supports that is Miko and Reyna they are just fine. Most their power is within what they can do for others, and killing them is easy. but killing the person they are helping is hard to kill, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ps lv 10 GALILEA skills are pointless now. why you have no the speed beost was bad any more is bad 10 speed boost would been better. but fully corrupted is pointless. replace that with something make her go into abyss form faster that would be better then become fully corrupted. or incuse it duration. and I hope you buff Ghal and KLEESE if have not buff them yet.

I’m a monster with Kleese. Also he doesn’t need to aim his tazer. The first day the nerfs came out I saw Ambra and from Galilea both get crushed. Their roles were addressed and they no longer can single handedly infiltrate. Use teamwork as the game is designed and they aren’t much of an issue. I recommend you try them both and see if you wreck.

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Kleese. his taser. has short range and time limit it’s fine. I have I am lv 70 Galilea is unchanged becuse what made her powerful was her stun so I still get over 20 kills nothing changed for me. just ult at lv 10 skill is pointless now. Ambra lock in is infinite it removes any need to aim and has much longer range. and has life steal I am going to play a game now.

I just don’t understand why her life leech is so powerful? Is it with a specific gear set? It ticks for like 50 which is moderate damage, and the life return is minimal.

The tazer is a main source of kills for me and can kill any weakened enemy before running out. Of those 20 kills were you outnumbered or giving assists or just winning 1v1. Also lately I dominate Galilea 1v1

If your on Ps4 we could private 1v1 with bots

it not the lifesteal it self. that is not problem she does not need to aim as she steal it from you is. her move speed need be lower not un changed as she does it .unlike ISIC and she can heal herself on top that with other 30 hp per second skill with her sunspot skill that where life gain is coming from now with of both them combined is problem with 300 shield when she drop below 20%hp on top of that I am happy they lower the damage on ray now she has reason to use her staff with 100% lifesteal =_= and around we go. i think they lower her shield we hp get low a bit but with 60 movement when she drop to 20% hp remember it being 30 but whatever bonus movement speed ranged ray with a lock on. now know why she op. just play her.

nice skills and nice job but it’s not infinite that was my point.

maybe after I get back from movies if you’re still on sure. just so you know I believe ya just think they to give a buff to mordor skill of his.

Are people seriously still complaining about Ambra, even after the massive nerf she got?

She’s perfectly balanced now. It’s like people cannot comprehend the fact that she’s an offensive support character. You will lose to her if you just rush her while she’s sitting in a sunspot assuming she’s a weak support. The same way that newbies don’t understand that Montana is not an offensive character and cannot rush in and win. He’s a support tank.

Her basic attack’s range is pathetic now. She’s forced to get close to deal any sort of significant damage and she’s now extremely suspectable to any sort of offensive character. Unless she takes the late helix perk to increase her speed when her health is low, she cannot escape from pressure.

Please don’t overreact and get the character nerfed into uselessness just because you do not want to learn how to play the game. Also, it’s ridiculous that you are asking for a Galilea buff when she was hilariously overpowered pre-patch and still is excellent post-patch.

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Im playing on the Xbox One and it seems the characters that were nerfed are still exceeding by a far margin. Unless they didnt and thats why im still having trouble also how does an El Dragon take out your last sentry 1v4 everyone and doesnt die?

If you had ISIC you could tear his arms off.

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well got stun as well his ult is powerful and he got no nerfs that know of you could send me link if so as well becuse all most no one play him. anyone who master him having a good time I supported with Reyna at end of the game he gone 27 0_0 ya it because core what make him strong has been unchanged . for him it would be his ult and his stun.

i am lv 70 I can duel with her but nerf didn’t hit core of problem both you and me are skilled all need is stun and she done bit if not you out of luck.

ya but can send link to the nerf ya love how lower the range have her 60 movement speed boost when she had 30 before it .

ikr i feel the same

i play on ps4 my name is DARKxALLxSEER add me