The most underrated terror weapon imo

Ladies and gentlemen one weapon I dont see people look for with terror annointment that is honestly OP when running a terror build that has long CD skills is
FACE PUNCHER with terror on melee. I’ve been messing with it for some time and the builds u can finally allow gamma fl4k and moze to do is just ridiculous. I encourage people to search for this to have a much more consistant way to run terror shoot a enemy once get full terror go back to main weapon. It works wonders for my moze that uses minesweeper and a fire cutsman with crit terror. The mod doesnt even have SMG dmg or maliwan crit just 25%wpm SMG. Doing 45k crits and 150k grenades and if they crit they do something like 500k+or so it’s amazing.

For those that dont know facepuncher shoots melee damage and a annoint like terror on melee gives you that terror

Anyway just spreading the word if you are on ps4 I dont mind giving you one if I’m on my psn is deluxemenu

If this facepuncher your mentioning is “redundant” ( x14) i would absolutely take 1. but i definately agree; i have an x7 on both fl4k and moze thats earned itself a nice spot in the third slot

I wouldn’t call it ‘underrated’ tbh, LOTS of people are using that gun to apply terror. I have been using them for a while now (Amara and Moze). It’s a fantastic way to get terrified for sure.

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I have been thinking of doing na amara playthrough…how good is phasehold or whatever its called

phasegrasp? It’s pretty awesome, if specced right, you can just grab one dude, and grab all the dudes around it too (I’ve seen like 10 ish enemies grabbed at once). Shoot the one grabbed, bulllets ricochet like mad, boom, group dead. It’s freaking awesome.

kewl, all I ever hear about is her other 2 abilties, because they say amara is a bad mobber

A bad mobber? uhm, she’s the best mobber in the game if you ask me!

edit: scratch that she IS the best mobber in the game, hands down.

sounds like it, though I still like moze a lot, though I dislike grenade moze I rather shield moze

I mostly use Moze as a bosskiller or for mobbing I use a tediore chucking build. I clear the slaughter shaft the fastest as Moze though, not gonna lie. She’s pretty good at mobbing too, but the hard CC you get as Amara is pretty good.

true true…I am more of a vlador man myself oh and dahl