The most useful grenade on Mayhem 10 is the ----

The Quasar.

On Mayhem 10, almost every grenade is utterly useless. They barely do any damage, both with the explosions, elemental damage, or health steal. But there is one effect that is really useful, and that’s the singularity effect, which the Quasar has even though it doesn’t say that on its description card.

Lots of grenades have this effect, which sucks enemies in. But when the Quaser explodes, it unleashes bolts of energy that don’t just pull enemies to a central point, but can whip them through the high air. I use this effect to disrupt rushing enemies or to disrupt their aim, which is useful even on Mayhem 10. And if you are near a cliff edge and throw the grenade into the right spot, the energy bolts will fling the enemy right over the edge, killing them.

It doesn’t work on some enemies though, but in most cases it does. And if you get one with the anointment to increase all damage you do by 25% for 5 seconds after throwing a grenade, you can use them to buff your weapons at key times.

So that’s my favorite Mayhem 10 grenade. What’s yours? Let’s hear why, and thanks.


Cloning Maddening Tracker is good for a Moze with skill points in Vampyr. The damage is irrelevant; it’s the number of hits over time it can generate which heal Moze.


Thanks. I should try that one out. I think I have one in my vault.

As a utility grenade, maybe. But in terms of damage the it’s piss grenade makes the most sense.

stormfront and hex for generating consecutive hits as well

but game is in terribly sad state nade and shield wise


I’ve got one of the grenades that create money on hit and it’s a tracker, too. I only really use it for the grenade throw anoint, but combined with Deein’ Dead and Fractal Frags it also means that my Clone is generating a fortune in combat which is quite convenient.

Yes I completely agree. Grenades = zero damage. Spike, roider, nova… literally any shield that can deal damage = zero damage. Why? Because they don’t scale with the new Mayhem levels. This results in only a few shields being viable. Not fun

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My favourite grenade is still “It’s Piss” since it works in % rather than fixed damage. Singularity grenades are pretty useful as well.

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Diamond Butt Bomb is still the Queen

Whispering Ice is better for CC. The way it sets a singularity like a mine is pretty cool.

Otherwise, I’d say the Upmarket versions of the Hex on a Mindsweeper Moze build are probably the most effective damage grenades currently.

I’m liking the new lightspeed grenade from the GT.

Best to go sticky quasar lobbed. That way you can pull enemies to the ground and disable them. Hence why I run Zane with grenade instead of 2 AS :heart:

I hear you. I also found strange that all weapons increase their damage while you go through higher Mayhem levels, but grenades don’t, neither do shields. Pretty ridiculous and for me pretty frustrating at times. I don’t really like the Mayhem way to up the difficulty of the game. What I liked about BL is the possibility to use more strategy than just brute force and be overwhelmed by hordes of enemies. That’s what ruined DOOM in my opinion.