The most useless character in BL 2

I’ve had it with this guy! I can’t stand how incredibly useless this character is, and I just have to get it off my chest.

Mordecai :acmbarf:

Let’s start from the top… Tundra Express… I usually accept “Mighty Morphin’” before I go there, and my “pal” Mordecai keeps destroying the pods that I need to complete that mission. Most of the time, he can’t even scratch the paint off the enemies, but this is apparently something he’s able to do. So he does it! All the time! The rest of the time, he shoots enemies that are behind buildings or under cover. Fast moving buzzards that he obviously can’t hit is also one of his favourites. The only time he actually manages to kill something, is when he steals a kill for me while I’m in FFYL. Thanks, Mordy!

To try and make things up to you, he offers you the guns he once won in the Underdome. Except he lost them. He also lost Moxxi, by the way. Butterfingers, eh?

In WEP, he manages to lose his best friend Bloodwing, only to have her experimented on, and then killed. Wow! Who doesn’t need a friend like that? Instead of trying to rescue BW, he just hangs around his cave, and keeps shooting things that he’s not able to kill. It’s not until BW dies that he manages to pull himself together and actually be supportive. Maybe we should have killed that bird earlier on, eh?

Back in Sanctuary, Moxxi cuts him off from the bar, so he has to hire you to go and get more booze for him. While you’re doing this, he and Moxxi tells the story about how she dumped him. He must have been hitting the bottle pretty hard even back then. And by now, you don’t have that much confidence in Mordecai, so when he offers you a sniper rifle as a reward, you instead go directly to Moxxi to get a pistol instead. She also pays you for the booze!

Roland is obviously aware of Mordecai’s uselessness, since he comes up with some bullshirt story about how Mordecai “needs to watch over the city” instead of coming to Thousand Cuts. To make things worse, he doesn’t even trust him to stay there on his own, so he has to leave Lilith behind to keep an eye on him. Because of this, you have to struggle your way to the top of Control Core Angel on your own. Lilith then slips away from Mordecai while he’s passed out drunk, and when she teams up with you and Roland, this becomes one too many things for Roland to worry about, so he drops his attention for a second, and… BAM! He dies, and Lilith gets kidnapped!

Back in Sanctuary, Mordecai is awake. He is now in charge, since Brick doesn’t really care about anything except punching and blowing stuff up. Mordecai is now so useless that he can’t even tell the people who live in Sanctuary that Roland is dead. You have to do it! He can’t even avenge Rolands death. You have to do it!

Later on when you get back to Sanctuary, after wrecking the bandits in Sawtooth Cauldron and after going up against the biggest damn robot on Pandora, Mordecai gives you a white rarity relic as a reward. Thanks again, Mordy! Your generosity is overwhelming!

In Hero’s Pass, he’s still the most useless sniper the Pandora has ever seen, and on top of that he now proves that he’s totally unsuited to pilot a ship. First he bumps in to another ship while it’s unloading, and then he crashes his own into the river of lava, taking Brick down with him. What a guy!

Later on, when you have killed the Warrior, saved Lilith and freed Pandora, he comes sneaking back with Brick, who obviously got banged up pretty bad, and tries to act like he was actually helpful during the whole campaign. Shame on you, Mordecai! Shame on you!


I 100% agree with all of this. I loved him in BL1 but in BL2 I hated him. Too lazy to go and save Bloodwing himself was the biggest thing for me.

I agree he’s kinda useless in BL2 lol. But I want to correct you on this part.

The ship got shot down by the moonbase, and that was after being swarmed by JET Loaders :cold_sweat:

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While I am not a huge fan of Mordecai and his drinking problem Roland is the one that gains most of my ire. At least Mordecai has been redeemed in Hammerlock’s HH pack. Same cannot be said for Roland.

  1. Whatever personality he had in Borderlands 1 is lost in the sequel. You could easily replace him with a 2x4 with a serious face drawn on it with a beret on top and never notice the real Roland is missing.

  2. He gets mugged while taking a leak despite the gunshots we hear on our end of the ECHO. The guy was talking to us through the ECHO while relieving himself (probably from atop a cliff) when someone smacked him upside the head.

  3. The guy acts like a soulless ■■■■■ to pretty much everyone. I feel sorry for Lilith trying to find the heart in his chest that simply is not there. The way he treated Bloodwing like just another expendable asset and his piss poor apology to Mordecai made me angry the first time I played the game, and even after hundreds of hours of game time I still feel animosity towards Roland.

  4. He climbed the exterior of Control Core Angel instead of helping us ascend the fortress-mountain. All it would have taken was a single JET Loader to cut his manly climb short.

  5. He didn’t wear a shield when he was shot and to be quite honest I was more cheesed off at Jack killing Angel than I was with Roland dying. By that point in the game I was not even moved that he kicked the bucket. I’ve seen cereal boxes with more personality.

  6. I had hoped with all my heart that Gearbox would have scraped Roland’s bland personality in TPS but nope he was still a bore. Psychopathic killing machines such as Leatherface and Jason Voorhees show more personality and emotion that Roland ever does.

  7. Athena has shown more personality than Roland, even when she was the franchise’s Winter Soldier back in Knoxx’s Armory DLC. Even in TPS where she still struggled with showing emotion she still had more personality and character development than Roland ever had in Borderlands 2.


Interesting and well observed points. I agree with it all. I also dislike Tina, she just grates on me. But I know most people love her so I don’t often voice this opinion.

I know that! :wink: You will find one or two statements that have a “slight” spin to them. Just to add some extra flavor to the ranting!

@Troubled : Brilliant! :joy:

Roland probably never heard of “Die with your boots on”.

To be honest all the original vault hunters are made out to be pretty pathetic in BL2.

Their Leader - Oblivious, single-minded, aloof, haphazard

Their Co-leader - Junkie, sadist, morally ambivalent,

Their Spy - Alcoholic with misinformation and low motivation

Their Prodigal - Well honestly, outside of being callous and ultra-violent, he’s unable to get the upperhand on Nisha or Jack to get his revenge, though he holds his ground.

In the end the combination of Mordecai’s bad intel & Angel manipulating our vault hunter was the undoing of the original vault hunters.

Mordecai leads us to the key, or so he assumes, which leads to everything falling apart. the first time. His tone when Roland says he has to stay made me start to think that maybe he was playing both sides of the fence. Cult Following had me thinking that Lillith may also not have the makings of a hero herself. Basically all of them are morally compromised and dependent on our character to solve all their problems. But it’s a game so of course all the action has to revolve around our character.[/spoiler]

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Mordecai is my favorite character in the game, so… No.

Not something I am familiar with, but apparently despite all his knowledge Roland wasn’t smart enough to find a good place to hide before relieving himself. Or, ya know, not yammer away on the ECHO device while taking a leak. You would think that while being In Country radio silence would be preferable until you reach secure territory.

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Uh, I didn’t think this is a satire post. Or, is it not?

The direct opposite to “being caught with your pants down”.

EDIT: [quote=“diator1730, post:10, topic:1559804”]
Uh, I didn’t think this is a satire post. Or, is it not?

It’s a bit of both, actually! There are things that we see and experience in the game, but there are also information that we have to figure out for ourselves. For example… There’s nothing in the game that actually says that Roland doesn’t trust Mordecai to come along to Control Core Angel. The point is that it’s not impossible, and that’s why I added that to further smear Mordecai’s “good reputation”. So, yeah… Part of the OP is satire, and part of it is real.