The MoxxiHiest DLC availablity in US

Let me get this STRAIGHT! The whole world gets access 1 day before the biggest market - the US. This is so much BS! I paid the same as the players from UK, France … and should not be locked out until 12 noon while the rest of the world is playing new DLC!

Right - I must own different version of the game, since I played it yesterday. In the US.

Is this serious?

I dont know how you got access. I still get the prompt to buy dlc I own with no new update available.

I saw on Twitter there were difficulties with consoles but that was supposed to be fixed

Also, friends I can contact in US are also locked out!

Are they also on consoles or PC?

You use pc?

If you are on XBOX and bought season pass/own SuperDeluxe - you have to INSTALL it. Just buying/owning it is not enough. Not sure what PS4 expects, but probably the same.

On XBOX when I go to the Store it says I own Season Pass - and gives me an option to install it. Which I did yesterday, and it fixed everything. Yes, it is stupid - but I don’t know whether it’s GBX or MSFT fail.

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Yes I’m on PC and played it yesterday in US

PS4 for all

Thanks. Download is done. Just locked.

I guess I will play D2 until 12 noon. Thank you!

Noon is irrelevant - unless you sort out season pass installation/activation/download, you will have the same problem at 12:01 again.

The season pass dl was done on PS4 days ago.

See this post:

It’s there and it works. Just click through the small store card with the price display to the full dialog and you should see it showing the “Install” option instead of “Purchase”. (Once installed, that button changes to “Manage”)

Re-install it - other threads/Twitter mentioned that PS4 had specific issue with it.

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I looked in PS store from start screen and could not open only rate. I then went store from in game B3 and was able to open season pass to see available dl. So weird! Thank you all!