The Moze Busted Grenade build

Moze’s grenade build means she gets potentially unlimited grenades. With a MIRV or Cloning Hex, it’s no longer a potential - it IS unlimited! That makes this the best build for clearing trash, akin to the boss-equivalent FL4K crit build.

Here’s the Moze Busted Grenade build running Mayhem 3 Trial of Cunning in just under 4 minutes:

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Nice showcase… honestly tho, the highlight of your video is the reward for beating tvhm III trial :woozy_face:

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My friend plays an infinite grenade build and uses the mech as a turret which he just places and then runs around throwing homing grenades, killing everything we can see and can’t see.

We no longer have any need for money in the game because if he uses a MIRV homing cash grenade (or something like that), we can get $1-2 million+ in a single fight. It’s nuts. We literally got money for all our ammo and storage upgrades in 10 minutes. Since the grenades are infinite, we could get hundreds of millions in a couple of hours easily.

that endless grenade build looks so boring… rather have a mech build

Good luck making one for Mayhem 3

What do you mean by this? Moze can clear M3 just with points in demo tree up to vampyr + hex nade.

Talking to me?

yea i later understood you were replying to the guy about the bear xd, all good

I wont make one I just wont play her… simple as that lol

Did you put anything into bottomless mags? The green tree?

I’ve been playing offline with a nade build Moze and been destroying everything. The moment I go back to online my Xbox said I needed to upgrade BL3 which I did and now my Moze can’t regenerate nades or destroy anything with nades. Did Gearbox nerf the Moze Nade Build?

Why does Gearbox always nerf the fun glitches and builds, and leaves the bad glitches that make the game annoying?


Last patch broke this build. There are workarounds, but nothing as good as what it was.

You can just spam nagatas and it’s impossible to die

True facts. Nagata + Ogre/Lasersploder = yes

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Use flakker. Just make 1 shot and immediately throw recurring hex after that in your enemies face. Try to throw them directly to what you’re aiming at. Infinite nades + infinite flakker ammo. Works online. Blue and red tree (primarily red).

If you can try to get any variation of the event mod ‘Ghast Call’. I am not sure it was intented but the ghosts were proccing MoD albeit no where near as much as hex before the patch.

I farm Captain Traunt with Flakker Annointment: After exting iron bear increase spalsh damage by 120% for 18 seconds. And then I just throw my Cloning Ghast Call and he just melts.

Those all sound like good replacement builds for the new nerfed Moze, thanks everyone for the good advice.

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