The Moze love (hotfix Moze notes)

Y’all, the anoint improvements are gonna shine so hard. I’m kinda interested in trying out my Nova anointed red card now. :open_mouth:

Hotfix notes

Moze the Gunner

  • While Auto Bear is active, deals 75% (from 20%) bonus incendiary damage
  • After exiting Iron Bear, the next 2 magazines will have 125% (from 40%) bonus incendiary damage
  • After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% (from 120%) increased Splash damage for 18 seconds
  • When entering and exiting Iron Bear, nova damage increased

If you read the notes, it kinda sucks about the ion cannon reload ammo consumption nerf, but we all knew something was coming. If u got Some for the Road, it shouldn’t hurt you too much on moze for bursting.

Edit: here’s some personal testing thoughts I wrote out


Pretty surprised that the ION Cannon got nerfed given its red text. I’m really happy that the Auto Bear annointment was given some love. Maybe Rocketeer will start becoming more useful.

Also the splash annointment getting buffed is going to make scourge spamming with some for the road even more powerful


Will these apply to the current anointments we have or we have to refarm new gear with those new annointments?

Applies to current gear, no need to re farm all your stuff :slight_smile:



Why even botter for the IC nerf, Moze has Quickies and Lumps. Unexpected buff but welcomes ones tbh, still the bear needs more love for M4

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I wish it applies to all elements for Moze but this is good. I got the 40% corrosive instead so it won’t make any difference at least for me

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Yeah, I’m really thinking of doing a Firewalker build (have one that has +3 in stoke the embers) now with that new annointment buff

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Mix that bonus with shields and nades with ASE elemental dmg and you have unlimited carnage. Most enemies are fleshies, so that bump to fire dmg it’s most welcome.

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Very exciting changes with all of those anoints, going to be fun messing around with them.

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My x2 splash westergun is about to wreck


The AB one is good. I don’t think the splash damage one needed it, but I’m not going to complain. I feel bad about ditching the +40% incendiary magazine one. Now, I’ll have to refarm them.

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I KNOW! I had so many that i finally dumped - ONE ON A x2 SHREDDIFIER! :flushed:

This will be your opportunity to test whether those increased anointments rate do work for this event.

So in theory there’s big bonus after you EXIT IB:

  • 200% bonus incendiary damage
  • 160% splash damage

(Assuming you got those annoinments)

Before it was

  • 60% bonus incendiary damage
  • 125% splash dmg

But do those incendiary annoints STACK? I thought the other one overrides the last similar element annoint you have?

these next 2 weeks will be the weeks to crazy farming. I’m making a list of everything i’m going after

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Me: The ASE +50% incendiary version is obviously superior and that’s all I’m going to farm.
Gbx: Hold my coffee.

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Getting a Craders EM-P5 with the incendary bonus on moze would be…just…just so godly…

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Where did you get 200% and 60% from? Are you talking about stacking with the grenade and shield anointments. Pretty sure they’ll stack because they have different conditions.

wait, does the ASE magazine stack on top of the ASE 10 second ones with the same elements, or do you still have to mismatch elements for magazine vs 10 second ones?

They stack. No mismatching required.