The Moze love (hotfix Moze notes)

Isn’t that the only one? Other than keeping the mag anointments for as long as possible, and the autobear ones if you have rocketeer

I forgot I had this. Probably because the annointment was worthless… can’t wait to see a beautiful 125% on it instead.

Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Explosions (via short fuse) all in one gun. yum…


Praise be… :place_of_worship:



Don’t bother

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eek! But u dunno! Maybe it has magic double super bomb now?

Haha you never know!

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Just realized my Shreddifer has the generic 50% incendiary increase, not the Moze specific 40%. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I do have a Flakker with 160% splash damage, though. Maybe I can work with that.


Ah man, that’s a shame. I was hoping for it to go from 13k to 100k. But then it would be overpowered for the lower mayhem levels and non-mayhem mode.

They should’ve just made it multiplied by something to do with your level and mayhem level or something but ah well. Flat damage skills have never worked in borderlands


Tie it with the autobear incendiary and it may be decent…?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Does that raise all incendiary damage?

Im honestly not sure…it was hard to tell when it was 20%

Yeah I never tested it because it wouldn’t be worth it. The text makes me think the gun only but it’s worded differently than the others so I don’t know

Originally i thought it applied to only autobear, but now it may be worth something

I have an ion cannon with it I’ll test right now

Applies to the gun, not IB or AB

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Does anyone know how the +10% fire rate/+20% crit damage stacks up against the new upgraded anointments?

That 1 hasnt changed sadly

Has anyone tried the Breath of the Dying with the incendiary damage anoint?

Curious to see what it does to the corrosive explosion.

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Ok now I know what I’m farming first