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Alright so after playing around with it a bit and gathering the other stuff I needed, I’ve finalized the “Moze Lord” build to setup I really like playing. I’ll write up specifics in here when I have more time (edit- Writeup has been completed) but for now I made a couple videos. First video explains the build and has obligatory Slaughter Shaft gameplay. Second video will be a full run of True Takedown.

The build is based off of the combo of Warlord with consecutive hits, Green Monster and never letting off the trigger.


  • Hold trigger constantly for Green Monster procs.
  • Continuous damage through gunfire, nades, Iron Bear and DOT’s to keep consecutive hits.
  • Dots come from Using Sabot Rounds in Bear, Green Monster, FITSD from nade procs.
  • Short Fuse for extra damage further boosted by hidden splash bonus of Green Monster and Consecutive Hits anoint.
  • Build into SOR to get damage from Desperate Measures/Drowning in Brass/Experimental Munitions and more shield survivability.


  • Warlord Assault Rifle with Consecutive Hits anointment - Best to have various elements. I’m sure other high mag medium ROF weapons could be used and the build would work with other anoints but this combo specifically is the main focus of the build.
  • Green Monster - Since we have continual fire to maintain anoint, Green Monster’s bonus is a good synergy also providing better Short Fuse damage due to hidden splash bonus. The skills it offers also compliment the build.
    • Passives - Mag Size is a priority, Assault Rifle Damage, Weapon Damage, Splash Damage, Manufacturer Crit.
  • Shields - I prefer using BBB here but you can use any meta shield you prefer (stopgap/re-charger etc).
  • Artifacts - Again preference I go with Last Stand Victory Rush, Flesh Melter works nice too.
    • Passives - Mag size is priority, Assault Rifle Damage, Weapon Damage, Splash Damage, Manufacturer Crit.
  • Grenade - Again preference but the easist to maintain bonuses and DOTS is going to be a multi-tracker nade like CMT. 25% damage on thrown most preferable anoint.


Click here for Skilltree

  • Short Fuse - Extra damage increased by splash bonuses. Standard Stainless Steel points to boost SF damage.
  • FITSD - Main purpose is dots you can change to 1/5 to customize the build.
  • Grizzled/Vampyr - Can adjust points in each to suit needs.
  • COL / Redistribution - With mag bonus on gear this is all that’s needed to maintain Warlord.
  • SOR Tree - Drowning in Brass, Experimental Munitions and taking 2/3 Thin Red Line with 3/3 Desperate Measures gives sizeable damage. Meanwhile building into the tree that far adds survivability as a side-effect.

Build explanation:

True Takedown run:

Original Topic

So I got a nice Warlord drop a little bit ago with Consecutive Hits anoint and it occurred to me this may just be the perfect rifle to make use of that anoint and the Green Monster with Moze.

I set up a build and ran about 5 minutes through Athenas already liking what I was seeing. So I hopped right into Slaughter Shaft and started recording. With the fact that it comes with a decent mag size, has a 30% chance to not consume ammo, combined with +1 redistribution, +5 Cloud of Lead(less ammo use again), and MOD this gun is easily able to just hold the trigger forever. I am boosting mag on com and artifact to achieve this atm am not sure how well it works without. I am not spending any points in mag skills besides the 2 IB that came with my GM.


This was my first entry into SS with the build like 10 mins after first setting it up so the gameplay is not amazing lol. After this round I recorded as I progressed through the rounds and got more used to it, it definitely started feeling even stronger.

Conclusion so far: I like this weapon for Moze!


I love the warlord but haven’t made a build I like with it (or have fresh level 53 ones).

That’s pretty smart using green monster with it. Give it the extra projectiles to rack up the consecutive hits, and the 1/3rd ammo savings make up for lack of +2 redistribution. I didn’t really like using mind sweeper with it.

I like your style, I’m going to hunt some down.

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Yeah and the other good part is that I’m constantly applying DOT’s from GM and from Experimental (both of them from gun and from nades) so that makes maintaining the anoint really easy.

I’d like to find a nice Flesh Melter Victory Rush with magsize.

I haven’t used flesh melter much because the stacks were so hard to maintain, but it might work well here actually.

Are you consistently at 200% damage here? It’s hard to tell watching.

It’s too hard to follow the numbers for me to know for sure. I assume so since all the testing says that as long as you are dealing any damage it’s maintaining. And I pretty much always have a corrosive + fire DOT ticking on multiple enemies. I have to re-stack the GM/Splash bonus every time I enter Iron Bear I believe but from what I understand that one stacks up pretty quick?

Yeah you’d reach 200 hits pretty quickly. I’ve kind of wondered how quickly the CMT actually stacks, or if it just helps maintain stacks.

I was thinking of an artillery nade to do it but they’re kind of ■■■■ grenades to use on moze. Maybe the hunter-seeker.

On a side note it’s weird seeing pc players having ps4 MoD issues now. It’s always been a thing but I see more people talking about it now.

Yeah it’s been a bit off and on for me today. For the most part it’s been pretty fine but there were a couple times it just stopped.

I wouldn’t wish it on any other platforms. Hopefully it’s just a messy hotfix this time around.

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So doing a little testing. I’m not sure if it’s known(probably is) as I haven’t really followed the Green Monster research much because I was never interested in it. But every Short Fuse proc, comes with a Green Monster damage, and ofc Fire in the Skag den.

Holding trigger on dummy crit for awhile shows some pretty nice numbers.

The 17k is the normal hit the 40k is short fuse.

Heres where the damage started before holding trigger:
Top one is a normal hit + EM I assume and the bottom one being the Short Fuse + I guess FITSD

It takes a while to build up the short fuse damage (the hidden Blast Master bonus of GM) but the rest of the bonuses (anoint and gm corrosion) builds up rather quickly and that’s without nades or DOTS helping it build. This gun procs Short Fuse like its going out of style.

Oddly, I find max kinetic damage achieved with Bloodletter/Deathless or Blast Master, both with Short Fuse spec’d. I’ve played around quite a bit with Green Monster, have only found it semi useful against bots and armored enemies, even with a god-roll com. What I have not used, and would like to try, is a Flesh Melter Victory Rush with Green Monster, or, an Ice Breaker Victory Rush with Green Monster using a Cryo gun/grenade combo.

The idea here is making use of the consecutive hits anoints not really trying to min/max kinetic damage. The Green Monster is like adding a pellet and on top of that putting dots on everything with my nades so the bonus maxes out super quick and stays easily because of the constantly ticking dots. In the video I wasn’t using my right nade now I have on the +25% thrown tracker and that helped the damage a lot.

I also ran it with a Flesh Melter Victory Rush and it did increase the damage but I really like the Last stand in this build because it’s insanely tanky with the last stand + FCOW + Recharger if you cycle them right you will never go down unless you are being plain careless like I did in the video.

I think I will still run the Flesh Melter in SS because now that I’m used to the build it’s super easy to stay alive anyways. But I ran a True Takedown with it and I was definitely appreciative that I had the last stand. It did very well in the true takedown but I find myself wanting a shock variant to work Wotans shield better.

I found once I got used to the build I spent much longer holding my trigger without the need to get in Iron Bear and so my Splash damage boost from GM was also reaching max and the short fuse damage was great…

The Warlord comes in Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Kinetic so ideally I will end up with all 4 of those with consecutive hits and thanks to GM DOTS constantly doing my upkeep I will be free to weapon swap to the right element whenever I need it and it will absolutely wreck everything.


I will take this build for a spin, i’m still rocking the Beoronator hahahahaha (but now i call it the “Lo(B)ear” because i put come torgue love in.
Thanks for your builds and ideas @kabflash, they keep me going with Moze.

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In my opinion, a 125% fire next two mags annoint is better on the Warlord because you would have 3 damage types at once: kinetic, fire, and corrosive. I have one and it preforms marvelously.

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Looking forward to hearing your results. Another thought, would like to try the following combo:

-Green Monster Com with Weapon DMG, Assault DMG and Mag Size or Splash DMG

-Shock Warlord with 1% dmg consecutive hits OR 125% incendiary/2 mags

-Flesh Melter Victory Rush or Ice Breaker Victory Rush with a combo of Assault DMG, Grenade DMG, Mag Size, Grenade Damage, Incendiary DMG

-Recharger with 50% Radiation or Cryo for 10 secs

-CMT Grenade with 25% weapon dmg on throw OR Radiation or Cryo Hex with 25% weapon dmg on throw.

With this combo you’ll continuously deal +200% damage from the 1% on consecutive hits anoint as long as you keep the trigger held. The anointment does not get lost on a missed shot contrary to the description. It loses the anointment when you stop dealing damage. What’s great about this is, if you have an enemy under an elemental affect, you’re able to keep the anointment active during a pause in shooting. Same can be achieved with active CMT Grenades causing damage.

If going with the 125% incendiary next 2 mags, you’ll be constantly dishing out 3 elements at once. 100% Shock, 125% Incendiary and 75%-100% Corrosive. Should be a lethal combo for those pesky rocket launching Zealots on Mayhem 4.

Add the radiation anointment from the shield, now you’re dishing all 4 elements.

Use a Radiation or Cryo hex, and you’re applying 4 elements.

Use a Cryo and Radiation combo from shield/grenade anointments and you’re dealing all 5 elements at once.

I don’t see any need to cycle between weapons using this method. It’s a 1 gun fits all application, in theory.

My own personal twist to Green Monster, would be a Shredifier, Faisor, Rowans, Lyuda, Kybs, Lob, Helix, Ogre, or maybe even a Trevonator or Butcher. Would mostly depend on the class mod and perks.


The Lob and Trevonator don’t work with Green Monster as you can’t hold the trigger to fire them so the bonus never builds up. I tried to use a Helix but I found I needed to heavily invest in Mag size and needed Forge to have a ‘never let up’ trigger style, it’s ROF is pretty high.

It would be great for general mobbing, SS etc, and maybe even scaled Takedown. But for True Takedown I think matching elements on Wotan is going to be important. Need to be able to really burn his phases or the fight becomes a mess real quick and in true mode that shield/armor is pretty dang high. I know you said you’d use a shock one which would work for his shield well but the armor phase I’d rather have a corrosive one to switch to. As for shield, I personally can’t get myself to stop using 30% cooldown lmao.

I actually have almost the perfect green monster for Dahl ARs (33% AR dmg, 48% Dahl crit, 53% Dahl accuracy, 1/2/2 CCC/IB/SRPM) but only a BotD with 50% rad dmg for 2 mags to play with it xD

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Been playing with something similar using the Carrier and projectile multiplication, but the Warlord version is pretty powerful if you can roll Dahl crit and as many Scorching RPMs on the GM as possible. Will post a clip of the build conquering the Takedown pretty easily (only struggled in one spot).



Took a quick clip of the Carrier version of this build. Instead of Scorching RPMs, I used a class mod that emphasized Iron Bank and Click Click. Performance was about the same:

Added a build video to OP and heres a True Takedown full run with it:

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Got around to doing the write-up for this build.