The multiplayer is literally unplayable

i’ve been trying to play online with randoms and anytime i get into a game it never goes past the first 3 rounds, anytime the host leaves or has a bad connection the game just ends. I am tired of playing single player because that’s the only way to get anywhere without the fear of being removed from the game.

I love the game, but seriously instead of a game ending immediately when a host disconnects, transfer the host to a different player, even if it means the game taking a moment to perform the transfer that’s better than trying to get in depth just to be forcefully ended. What i seek in this game is the satisfaction of getting as far as i possibly can just to be left feeling empty knowing that i could make it 10X further than what i can in this broken system.

I’d be amazed if this issue isn’t on the radar. I’ve heard it’s one of the most popular requests at their discord.
All I can say is “be patient”. We’re still ways off from the game actually launching so I’d be amazed if one of the major updates does not handle all sorts of multiplayer issues.

I really hope so, i looked around seeing if anyone else was having problems in the multiplayer, and it hadn’t come up, mainly discussions about lag or not being able to have friends join.

Moved to the Tech Support category. There’s a link in the pinned post by Noelle you can use to file a bug report (if you have not done so already.)