The Music in Moxxis Bar is awful

Please, for the love of God, let us change the music in Moxxis Bar on sanctuary, its bloody awful!!! I find it particularly frustrating as some of the music in this game has blown me away (mostly on Nekrotafeyo, but the music for DJ dead5kag is so good I sat there and listened to it for a while after killing him)


It’s her theme and has been so since Borderlands 1.

What the piano music? You sure? I don’t remember it from previous games

It has the same music since B1.People who has played Borderlands game identifies that music with Moxxi and her tavern.
Its like if you say that you dont like the tavern’s music on The Empire Strikes Back in the scene that the protagonists meets Han Solo the first time. Its cool that you dont like it, but its a classic, and its just an opinion.

This is the music that played in borderlands 2…

And this is the music from b3…

Slight difference there :grin:

I cheked it already, in game itself, and you are right. :slight_smile:
What the hell? Where is my super—duper—booster Music?
I would swear that I heared it in B3 somewhere.
The piano music is cool, i like classic music but you are right, it doesnt match well with the game.

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The music in DJ dead5kags lair bit in incredible, I’d rather have that at Moxxis Bar!


Girlfriend heard moxxi bar music and was like
“oh this is a remix of a song I’ve heard before “
Me: yah it’s from bl2
Girlfriend: no it’s a remix of something else I’ve heard before
Me: yah you heard it on bl2
Girlfriend: no it wasn’t that
Me: :expressionless: whatever you say

… women

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I can’t stand the classical music. Seems like in B2 I could play slots for hours while listening to the music. I don’t even wanna go into Moxxxi’s anymore because the music gets on my nerves.

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I’ve actually just started muting my TV when in there, what with the music and the constant chatter from npcs (which is a whole nother topic tbh) it just drives me insane

I think her bar in Lectra City has the old school music.

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