The Music You Listen to While Playing

Now that most of my characters are at the cap there’s not new plot or dialogue to hear, so I often have music on (Spotify) while I play. My three favorite playlists:

  • Power Metal (bands like Rhapsody, Epica, Gloryhammer, Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica)
  • Celtic Punk (especially with Zane)
  • Metal and Punk covers of Disney Songs (yes, this is actually a thing on Spotify.)

I know that last one sounds weird but it feels very appropriate to Borderlands. Something about a black metal version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” fits the ethos of the series.

Share your favorites/suggestions below…since many of us have nothing better to do with our time right now anyway.

I don’t often cue up music, but the other day I happened to be playing to my Weird Al Polkas playlist.

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I like that! Weird Al Polka medleys are always amusing.

I don’t like a lot of lyrics when I play, so on Pandora and Apple Music I have stations set up to play “music like Orbital”, so I get vintage and new hard Electronica and Trance. Keeps the blood pumping.

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sometimes hardstyle or handsup techno

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I like non vocals or few, just instrumental when farming:
Explosions in the Sky
This Will Destroy you
Mogwai (Jabbermogwai lol)
God is an Astronaut

More rockin on Slaughters and general battle:
Linkin Park
Fever 333
Nickleback (shuddup, they have great concerts!)
Papa Roach
Fly Leaf

General Play:
Sir Sly
Cage the Elephant
Alt - J
The Prodigy
Depeche Mode


Throw some Lamb of God, Tool, and System of a Down on a playlist with my username and I’m set.


Dragonforce playlist baby nothing like power metal baby to get the blood pumping.

I don’t typically play music while I’m gaming since I use headphones. If I do though, it’s the same thing as I normally listen to, Spotify playlists Rock Hard and Kickass Metal and bands like I Prevail, Bad Wolves, Killswitch Engage, Fire From the Gods, Five Finger Death Punch and others.

I don’t listen to music while I play, but I do have a playlist of songs that reminds me of Borderlands and Borderlands characters if that counts.

I usually don’t listen to music while playing, but a friend got me hooked on Tool’s latest album. Not my type of music but this whole album is actually brilliant. Can’t stop listening to it.

King Diamond. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

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Generally heavier stuff like Lamb of God, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Job for a Cowboy.

However, lately it has been some old school 2Cents and a lot of Within Temptation, Flyleaf, Amaranthe.

If i have been to the bar it can be some twiztid, eminem, ludacris type stuff.

Stephen Lynch if i want a laugh.

A couple different lists depending on my mood:

A) Eisbrecher, Rammstein and the Hu (German Heavy metal and Mongolian Folk metal
B) Lana Del Ray, Angie, Halsey, and Imelda May
C) Eminem Hollywood Undead, Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie and FFDP

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This 24 hour stream on Twitch:

Mostly borderlands soundtracks :slight_smile:

I listen to a wider variety of VGM. Sonic The Hedghog Soundtracks, LoZ remixes, Smash Bros Remixs, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising, Borderlands Lyrical songs like the opening Themes of all 4 games or the ending themes, Music from the previous games. South Shelf Battle Mix is an outstanding track.

But ya I don’t listen to much of my metal or alternative music when playing BL3. I wish Battle music was as pronounced in this game as it was in BL2 because BL2 had killer sound mixing. It also kind of kills the vibe when the games SFX or Music bugs out. Like on Graveward I’m not even sure if music is supposed to play or not. XD usually it just silence a slam them death.


House/Electronic for Zane because he’s a speed demon. :running_man:t4:

Rock/Tekken VGM for Moze because…Explosions :bomb:

Neo-Soul/Chill Electronic for Siren because she’s Zen lol :woman_in_lotus_position:t4:

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BL2 had music?! I feel like this is something I’m frequently shocked by… and not just in this game series. How is it that so many retro game tunes made of blips manage to be more memorable than many modern video game soundtracks?

bl2 music is LEGEND

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