The Musician's Thread

Any musicians on the forums? This is the thread to talk about your musical hobbies, instruments, play style, and really anything related to playing music.

I have been shopping for a new guitar lately, and I have been hesitant to bite the bullet on anything. I’ve always been a Fender head, but lately have been looking into Gretsch guitars, and maybe an Ibanez artcore. I want an arch top, but I may hold off and get a little bit cheaper acoustic (I’ve never owned one). Just looking for a pretty guitar that has a good volume when unplugged.

I play most instrument but I main Bass Guitar.
I am a self learned bassist and its the first instrument I learnt to play which is why its closest to my heart.

I do it mainly as a hobby but I made a few songs for fun with friends.

Yeah, I play guitar and bass, but I only do it for fun. I’m not interested in being in a band.

I haven’t been in a band since high school (graduated '06). I would love to find a band, and now that I’m back in college I could probably find some people pretty easy, but I need to play more to feel good enough to play in a band again.

You see, I know I’m not good enough for a band, so that’s why I play for fun instead of performance.

You dont need to know a lot of chords to make good music, all you need to have is good rhythm.

I was more referring to my memory. I can do three chord punk just fine, but if a section of a song has a lot to it, then I just can’t remember it. Example: Black Flag’s My War, I can play the song just fine, but the intro and interlude, I can never remember.

Another bass guitarist here. Also play acoustic guitar, keyboards, do some writing etc. Really need to replace my 25-year old 4-string with a five - the neck has a bad warp in it, and it would cost more to fix than the bass is worth.

I play bass, electrical, acoustic guitar, cello, violin, harpsichord, drums (machine too.) and piano (keyboard) all self taught. In fact, I learned how to play the cello within a minimum of four days from scratch. Music teachers were baffled by me. Just lost my drummer, going to still be writing music along with my other writing projects but it’s going to be harder now.

Meh I never tried a 5-stringer and it doesnt appeal to me, 4 strings foreverrr.
Ever tried a fretless bass?
They are fun to play, Im thinking about buying one.

I want the 5 for the ability to not have to move my hand out of position as much while playing. I’m starting to get stiff fingers (mild arthritis) so agility isn’t what it once was. I’ve thought about fretless a couple of time, but I’m not sure how quickly I’d be able to get my intonation good enough - I play out about once a month atm, and being “off” would not be a good thing!

In that case 5 string might be a good idea, good luck.

Whats your favorite bass line from anysong, of the top of the head on off my favorites are Money by Pink Floyd.

That’s definitely a good one. A personal favourite (more from the associations than musically) is the bass riff in Fleetwood Mac’s “The chain”. It was used as the intro theme for formula one racing coverage in the UK when I was growing up, so I got to hear it a lot.

Meh, tried to learn bass guitar once. I suck at playing music haha.

But I learned by myself a black metal riff. Shame on me xD

My musical ability can be summed up in this picture.


Ramble On.

It starts about thirteen seconds in.

Another really good one is from a NES game.

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That’s what I play. I’m in high school band, but I think I want to do something in College, but not too seriously so I can continue playing such a fine instrument. I really love it. It’s the Bass Clarinet, by the way.

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I’ve played guitar since I turned 18, around 2000. I have an acoustic, which I learned to play on, then picked up a couple of electrics over the years: an Epiphone SG and a B.C. Rich Warlock.

BC’s are as badass as hell. Schuldiner (Death) had one.