The Mutator Arena is amazing!

Thank you, Gearbox, for this wonderful gift to us all. My favorite modifier is the rocket one. It lets me throw rockets around like confetti at a birthday party (which it is.). If you do end up making more DLC campaigns, you need to put mutators at the end of them.

I share your sentiment. A lot of fun things may come of this in bl3.
Also, I recently got a yellow glitch on a vladof launcher while playing with the rocket mutator…hot dog!

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It sure seems fun with the little experience I have of it. One question that I have that maybe someone could answer is this: I completed it the first time doing it at lvl 3. After that I cranked it up to lvl 5 and completed it with same mutators. But after completing the lvl 5 arena I couldn’t open the one chest that was showing. It was the same one with lvl 3 and it was “grayed” out. Why is this or is it a different chest or what? :slight_smile:

EDIT: just finished lvl6 arena and somehow I managed to miss the loot again. I just used the computer to finish the quest and it just gave me new quest.

Agreed! It is an awesome addition to the series. So many different options!

Too much choice!

There’s things I don’t like about the Mutator arena, but maybe I’m missing something –

– you have to haul across the entire Subconscious to get to it (is there a shorter path)?
– you have to pay $$$ (game money) to play?!
– as typical (of TPS in general) – no good drops (granted I haven’t played the highest levels)

The map seems constricted, too – going around in a little circle. But, most hilarious time I’ve had in the game so far – heard about the off-the-map glitch here (area to left of vending machines) and used that with a buddy to snipe a few remaining enemies and win!

-Yes, it’s really missing a fast-travel, or at least a grinder. For some reason, the first time I play, none of the mutators have chest rewards, so returning to tvhm to grind loses me a chance at lewt
-Loot isn’t bad, shadowtrap is a chance at a new legendary, but he almost always drops a glitch weapon too. Badass enemies drop good stuff too. And the chests are neat, I got a reogenerator at level 3, and a rerouter at level 6. At level 6 (~bl2 uvhm difficulty imo) there was always at least one purple item in them. At level 9 you’re almost guaranteed an orange, I’ve even seen two in one chest.
-It is kinda weird that it costs money, but the reward for the mission is greater, and there’s lots of loot to sell (from the chests at the very least)
-I like the map, it’s tight but has cover. It is subjective though.

It’s almost guaranteed a legendary if you play on level 9 for the glitch chests. Far better than Bl2’s bosses, even at a Raid boss, a legendary that wasn’t a Slayer of Terramorphous was rare.

It is a ton of fun… A great addition. Repeatable Arena’s, slaughters etc. are things i sincerely hope are in future games. This game now feels sooooo much better than it did pre DLC.