The mysterious amulet challenge

I was looking through my achievements and I noticed one of the more obscure ones is the “used the mysterious amulet”. Only 2% or so have unlocked this apparently. I wonder if this means just having equipped it or somehow utilised some effect? This was years ago but I am pretty sure I got new dialogue in Flamerock when I had it on…people were complimenting me on how good I looked etc. Have never heard that dialogue since so I have always suspected the amulet was responsible.

Well, the low percentage rate is several fold. First, look at some of the simpler challenges. A surprising chunk of people who own the game have never even made it to Sanctuary. Next, it’s a DLC and there are some people who still don’t have it. Next, it’s a DLC that’s meant to be played once you beat normal (or are at least >25), so there’s another chunk of people gone right there. Next, it’s a sidequest, and not only that but the amulet usually comes with a high price tag (but cash doesn’t do much anyway). I don’t remember if it had to be equipped for the achievement, but if it does, there’s another small group of people gone right there who probably saw it, noticed it didn’t buff anything, and saw no reason to ever equip it.

As for the effect, it does one, and only one thing. It creates hearts, stars, and pink lights under your feet according to how many people in the game are wearing it. And that’s all it does.


Well I knew I missed a mission or two…

How is that even possible, lol?

I’m guessing Steam summer sale. Some probably played until Liars Berg, called it quits and forgot about it or realized sometime around Flynt that they just didn’t like the game.

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I can understand that, I actually found myself hating working through that first section in Normal mode (Only recently bought Krieg and Gaige and ran them both to Sanctuary before deciding which to level up first). I’m not sure what it was about it that I wasn’t enjoying, I guess it’s just that I know what the rest of the game is like and the lack of weapon variety and quality was a bit annoying. Thankfully that section doesn’t take too long though.

I wonder if anyone else has ever heard the dialogue in flame rock where everyone is complimenting you on how you look. I have only heard it once and that was when I was wearing the amulet. I guess the game has been data mined so all dialogue should be out there but I have not heard of anyone else getting the dialogue.