The Name "Handsome Jack"

I don’t think I’ve seen anything over the years about the origin of the name “Handsome Jack”. Apologies if it’s common knowledge.

This morning, for no reason at all, the old Jacques Brel song, “Jacky” popped into my head. I know the song from the English version by Scott Walker back in the 60’s (yes, I’m that old :smile:). I realised it has the lyric:

“And if I joined the social whirl
Became procurer of young girls
Then I would have my own bordellos
My record would be number one
And I’d sell records by the ton
All sung by many other fellows
My name would then be handsome Jack
And I’d sell boats of opium
Whisky that came from Twickenham
Authentic queers
And phony virgins”

The song is certainly about an ambitious protagonist, albeit in a sleazier world than Borderland’s Handsome Jack’s. Otherwise I can’t see a connection :confused:

Does anyone know if the song had anything to do with the character’s name and, if so, why? Or is it just coincidence?

Don’t know if there’s a connection or not. But play TPS and you know where the origin of the name is coming from.

His name is a Doctor Who reference.

I was under the assumption he called himself handsome jack to compensate for his injured face and to make him feel better about himself.

I’d like to agree on that one.

Weeeelll, I might be late to the party, but since I watched Doctor Who recently, I noticed that as well… But it’s not only the name… The whole Saxton’s personality is pretty much the same as Handsome Jack’s… Ohh, and I’m pretty sure, Captain Jack, you know, the guy, that Saxton called Handsome Jack is a reference to Axton… They just switched the names pretty much.