The Name of the Law Mission (DLC3)

Anyone else having issues with FL4K getting the water pipes to burst? I’m meleeing the crystal but it never makes it to the pipes. Tried so many times but can’t make it there.

Only done this mission with Moze so far, but I did find for some pipes that you had to get your alignment just right before melee, or the same thing happened.

I had the same issue, and found that crouching while hitting these things helps - better launch angle or something.

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Probably something to do with FL4K’s height, I guess? Moze is the shortest iirc.

Thanks for the replies. Not playing til Monday, hopefully the crouching thing will work. Thanks again.

I was having the same problem last night. I tried every angle possible both standing, crouching, sliding into the darn thing and meleeing. The plants bombs never make it to the pipes. I’m kinda stuck at this point :frowning:

As an FYI I figured something out that may help as well.
I finally did get the pipes but it took a while. With FL4K I had to crouch and hit them in an extremely specific spot.

Had an idea, so along my travels I had a Face Puncher drop.

At another point was having the same problem of the spores not reaching the target.
Face Puncher is melee damage so it will activate those plants and it really sends the spores flying a long way. If you have a Face Puncher shotgun, that is the way to go.

Sounds like a good idea, I do think I have a face puncher. I’ll try the crouching 1st then go for the shotgun, thanks for the tips !!!

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The plants that release the gnat swarm/spore thing can actually be shot with just about anything - doesn’t have to be melee (unlike the crystals).

Good tip about the Face Puncher for the crystals though - I was having a bit of an issue on Moze with one, oddly enough. Again had to crouch and get the angle just right.

I wonder if Fish Slap grenade will work too?

Got it. Crouching worked. Thanks everyone for your input !!!

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I had problems with this too, until I started “aiming” at what I wanted to hit as I hit the crystals, sometimes aiming through the crystals. No issues since.