The Nameless Build

So I recently had this idea of playing a sniper build with roid shield, backstab and Ninja Mod for BA’s. I started wondering if it would work on OP8 or if it was just too much of a hassle with the damage lost from Leg. Sniper damage bonuses.

Then I found this:

That is pretty much the exact idea I had with very slight differences! Before I go into my build I suggest you go there. There’s also proof of concept video in there showing Dotanuki going through OP8 peak with no healing gear which is pretty damn impressive. Japanese Zer0 sounds pretty badass, too.

Since the groundworks is laid there already I’m just going to make comparisons here. I hope I don’t sound like an ass when doing that. It’s just that since a very similar build with explanations and videos exists it’s a lot easier for me to just do it this way.

This is work in progress: My Zer0 is only OP6 at the moment but I decided to make this now so I can perhaps gather some info from other players before I get to OP8.

My aim: To make a build capable of handling anything and everything with no respecs and preferably as little menuing as possible.

My build:

I hate giving my builds names so I’m naming it: The Nameless Build
It actually sound pretty badass now that I think about it.

Differences to Dotanuki’s:

  • 1 point from Precisi0n to Kill C0nfimed

Because I might run Sniper COM occasionally and it gives you a little damage boost on stuff like raids.

  • 4 points from Fearless and 1 point from Backstab to Unf0reseen

Dotanuki’s build is made before the buff to Unf0reseen. It’s not super awesome in the end game but I like it and want to work it in. Fearless is mostly a FFYL buff but I’m using healing gear so I’m hopefully able to keep out of that.

That 1 point taken from Backstab is my biggest worry. Can I still kill minibosses with 7/5 Backstab on OP8? If I can’t which ones won’t die? Do they drop into Killing Bl0w health? I would much appreciate you OP8 Zer0’s out there testing this but I’ll do it myself later if no one can. 2 points seemed enough on OP5 and I’d like it if I don’t have to cut out a point from Rising sh0t or Unf0reseen.

Active loadout gear:

  • Bladed Grog / Rubi

  • Rapier

  • Bladed Slag Pimpernel (I never thought of a blade on this before finding Dotanuki’s build. Great idea!)

  • (Banbury) Elemental Pimpernel of choice for the area

  • Legendary Ninja COM

  • Bone of choice for the area

  • Chain lightning

  • Grounded Hide of Terramorphous

The main differences here are that I’m using a Moxxi pistol. I’m not badass enough to make it with no healing options and bringing a Moxxi pistol on board took me from dying a lot to not dying much at all. It’s also the reason I chose Chain lighning instead of Storm front. It gives me a lot more uses for my grenades than the occasional shield stripping. I can heal with them. Chain lightning is also great to have vs surveyors because a few throws takes away their shield so I don’t have to keep shooting them with a Slag Pimpernel so much for that. Since I’m not OP8 yet I’m not sure what level Chain lightning is preferrable but with a Moxxi pistol you should be able to use a max level one (I think?)

Some areas have both flesh and armor targets so you need an extra slot for another Pimpernel. Those areas tend to also not require a rapier so I’d switch that away. Your other blades should be able to handle the mobs.

Backpack gear:

  • Legendary sniper COM
  • All elemental Pimpernels
  • Fire and Shock Lyuda’s
  • Slag Transfusion grenade
  • All elemental Bones
  • Bee shield
  • Survivor COM
  • White turtle shield
  • Antagonist
  • Crit machine (low level Droog)
  • Longbow (sticky) Quasar
  • Trespasser
    I’m probably forgetting something…

These are for areas where you don’t want to Execute. The only difference skillpointwise to my regular build is taking 2 points from F0ll0wthr0ugh and putting them to Backstab. Those points are valuable but not absolutely necessary. Therefore switching the COM, shield and grenade brings me back to pretty much my sniper build for areas or times when I want that. The rest of the gear is there for different raids. I don’t usually go for them but I like having the options available and the skill distribution should allow you to solo all of them. Not sure of Gee though, I never bother with him, that’s what the Quasar is there for. Gate crush that sorry excuse for a raid boss if you want to kill him. He’s boring. For videos of how sniper Zer0 can handle different raids I suggest watching Man of low moral fibers channel. He has you covered.

Since I’m running Unf0reseen I’m teasing myself with the idea of only running a shock bone and having a Shock Pimpernel in that 4th slot for mobbing areas. Boosts Chain lightning too. I’m going to try that. I hate having to switch gear constantly so if it works well that would be nice (I know it’s not optimal).

I guess that’s it. Huge props to @Dotanuki who came up with a similar build earlier and his videos that gave me the confidence to keep pushing for my own unique take on Zer0. That man(?) is my hero.

I’m sure I was supposed to say something else here but I can’t remember it right now. I’ll edit if I need to. I’m making a reservasion post for possible updates.

Reserved for future updates.

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It was discovered some time ago that peak is borked. I don’t remember the exact details, but essentially corrosive, shock and fire all does the same damage to flesh. So you can just bring corr pimp and bone and have no reason to swap.

Max level CL is no problem is moxxie, yes.

As for -1 points in backstab, well, dunno. Oney has the most health and is the easiest one to run rings around, so it shouldn’t make that much a difference with the assassins. Black queens didn’t have much margin, but back then you needed to stack the four kunai to get to 80%, you always get that now. Still, curious what you kill with unforseen that makes it worth shaving 8% off your max burst?

For raids I’d just build specifically for the raid. Respeccing doesn’t cost much.


Yes. Digistruckt flesh enemies don’t care about elements with the exclusion of spiderants. But they don’t neither if you hit their crit AFAIK.

If the burst is going to be enough to kill or almost kill anything then Unf0reseen is mainly used for thrash mobs. Psychoes and pup skags are almost guaranteed kills allowing me to focus on other enemies. If they don’t die on OP8 they at least get majorly damaged. Saving ammo as a sniper is optimal, IMO. It also majorly damages shields allowing me to save ammo spent on enemies with those. But like I said this is theoretical as I’m not OP8 yet. It might not work as I want it to which might end up in changes to the build.

No it does not. I’m a guy that does not regularly solo raids though. The sniper tree groundworks should allow me (or anyone using this build) to kill all of them solo with a few changes to gear. Sniper kills on most raids should be able to be done without respeccing.

Thanks for chiming in, BTW. Much appreciated.

EDIT: This not just for peak, it’s for all the game. Thought I’d put that out here.

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All rite then, well, ask to have it added to the zero build list and good luck with the op climb


Thanks. I will once I hit OP8 and have proven to myself that it actually works on that level. It’ll be a while now though.

BTW, if you have not tried the buffed unforeseen you should. That thing totally destroys NVHM and TVHM now and it’s pretty good in the end game too. Perhaps trying the new stuff could interest you in the game once more?

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Hehe, no, played it to death and I have other stuff to play

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