The need too buff some heroes for example the ultimate of toby

Example the ultimate of toby doesn’t do Too much damage and other heroes need buff

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And then you see Toby’s lore challenge for double kills with his ultimate and die a little inside!

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I remember when Isic’s ultimate had the same issue in Alpha. It hit like a Wet Noodle. I was amazed to see how much damage it does now from what it use to be.

I seem to have no problem with Toby. I played along with a losing team with him and once I got the helix up I was able to do massive damage, breaking killstreaks from the other team. We still lost though…

On another note, the lore though, that is so difficult to pull off, not because of the damage, but because you’d have to contest with your other teammates on the kills.

Yeah, there are so many times when I killed someone and was so happy that I was about to get another only for teammate to swoop in and steal it. Every time that happens I die a little inside.

Caldarius, Benedict, ghalt, kelvin, Toby off the top of my head all have *** ult’s

Really? I think Most of those are decent enough. Although, I try to stun foes with the ice wall and it doesn’t work, because they were a nanometer off. On another note Rath is so OP. Only shielders survive it(especially ISIC)

I had no problem with Caldarius’, Toby’s and Ghalt’s ultimates; well for Kelvin I do not play with it normally. I think I’d have to ask you why so because I might be missing something so I can improve my game.

Caldarius’ ultimate is good in finishing off with a double kill, just with the right timing, and even chase off people. The fact is that you can also make it as an escape tool (if you have the dash used up), wasting the ult to escape rather than to get killed is a better investment for your team.

Ghalt’s double shotguns are so high up in DPS, and if you activate them think like you are moving like a melee character getting up close. You’ll surely shred the other guy into bits (also have a +shield penetration item to dispatch the enemies quicker).

As for Toby, the ultimate is good for prepping up the opposing heroes to be killed by your teammates. Yes, the lore is that you’d have to kill with it, and that is precisely the point as it is A challenge. But so far, the most effective way I am able to use Toby’s ult is to soften up the opposing heroes for my teammate’s finishing blows. Also the Lvl 10 augment is slowing the enemies so it is a big advantage for group kills.

Play to their strengths, you don’t get to kill always, it is a team effort. It does not mean that if you don’t get to kill with an ultimate, it is crap.

Caldarious does less than OM’s grenade damage with his ult, same with Benedict, ghalt’s is decently powerful but you get knocked out of it almost immediately by any decent opponent, kelvin’s ice way is just bad I’ve seen it trap a person here or there but mostly it’s useless and Toby’s just feels underwhelming.

Compare them to stuff like rath which is a 99% chance of a kill, OM’s will absolutely destroy a minion wave/sentry shield and once space lasers hit may be the single most damaging attack in the game. Melkia is the eldrid version of caldarious and she just for like 800 damage with her super. Hell Marquise’s late game owls do more damage that the aforementioned super’s and you can cluster 5 of them in one place like the healing station on incursion to pretty much instantly kill anyone.

It’s just Toby’s lore challenge that really annoys me.

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You cannot equate all ultimates to just killing. Not all ultimates are designed to kill, this is not COD or some other shooter where you get the BFG and just kill. So if you want those who kill, then go with the characters who kill. Having this said, maybe some other guy will say in this forum on please increase the AOE damage of Miko’s ultimate so he can kill more. This is not Dragonball where you do a Kamehameha and expect the earth to be destroyed. I can go on if needed.

Yup me too @Logical_Juan, I cannot get his legendary because of it.

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Did I say everyone’s ultimate needs to guarantee a kill? I specifically named attacker’s and one tank in my list of what I feel are underpowered ult’s. When a standard skill like OM/whiskey’s napalm out damage attackers ult’s there’s a problem with said ult’s. Kelvins ult’s probably should have been something like Alanis wave but with ice shards that dos 2-400 damage and slowed for 2-3 seconds.

I’d respectfully disagree that Kelvin’s ult is bad. As it stands now, it’s one of my favorite. This thing is terrifying, both to fall prey to and to use.

Sure it’s not as powerful as Rath Spin-to-Win fraked up ult ( but now then Rath is kinda fraked up - ironically, a few weeks ago I’d have said he was kinda okay but he clearly isn’t anymore now that people got experience with him :stuck_out_tongue: ), but to slow a lane, block a lane, trap opponents ( as well as make them panick, which is often a good thing ), or buy some respite, it’s really good. It’s a very good multipurpose tool !

Its only real flaw is that there are some issues trying to land it. It tends to spawn… Well, not where we aimed !

Back to OP and more generally ults, the hard thing is to consider that maybe, sometimes, a ult SHOULD be weak because the character is, by default, good without it. The ult then only serves as a “filler” or sort, to add something the character lacks in the first place, and that is enough to make it an “ultimate”. Tobby’s ult gives him a way to get some sustained damage for a few seconds instead of burst damage, Phoebe’s gives her a sustained AoE damage ability… Marquis’s is pretty bad and I still don’t really get it’s role. A high damage avoidable slow moving projectile given to a guy who does almost immediate hitscan high damage seems like a step back.
But really, an ultimate shouldn’t always mean death to an opponent, especially when the character is already a walking death machine. :wink:

Not you said a kill, but the DPS and that, of course, will have to lead to a kill. All ultimates have specific uses, not just the actual point damage they can give out. If you prefer your run out of the mill ultimate with high DPS then go with the character who has that like your Oscar Mike and that space laser. I have either Rath, Toby, Kleese, or Caldarius as who I play the most (occasionally trying out Ghalt just to hear his funny lines apart from OM) and I do not have an issue with them so far (yet again except for Toby’s lore). I just play to their strengths and purpose.

I’m directly comparing attackers ultimate attacks(aside from kelvin) to an attackers(OM) skill attack. So yes damage is the entire point here, they may cause this damage in different ways but it’s still an attacker that we’re talking about. Caldarious does 334 iirc right? It’s in a large area yes but it’s still first and foremost his ultimate attack. Bumping it up to 500 wouldn’t make him an unstoppable killing machine but would justify its existence a bit more than now.

I’m not saying to put everything on the same level as space lasers as that would make every ult instantly destroy everything in its hit area but I feel they should at least have enough punch to scare people away. If I’m at full health with most toons and I see caldy or the other mentioned toons pop ult I don’t even care but I run away from every other non support.

I think Marquis is meant to either finish of multiple targets at close range. Somewhat similar to Thorns. Dealing with those guys that get to close.

Well it does less damage the closer they are (or more the further they are) so…

I’ve gotten some awesome picks with Marquis’s ult, you just gotta aim well!

Got it, thanks for telling. However going back, Toby isn’t an attacker per se, kind of hybrid support and area control character. Caldy is not an attacker as OM, but he must have to pop up here and there, harassing stuff, stealing shards, finishing off backers, etc, but that is what I do with him. Tanks are tanks - not meant to do so much damage but to soak up damage. I think that is my only point :slight_smile: