The nerfs are killing this game

Seriously…the game is being destroyed by these nerfs of all these characters. Gearbox if you continue to nerf every character that this community calls for, pretty soon you are going to have a roster of nothing but boring, bland, not fun to play characters. It’s already happened with Isic, Gal, Ambra, now people are asking for Miko. Holy crap, stop already. The community is already gone on PC…everyone I know has quit playing on PS-4…this game had such potential and it’s being ruined fast. I bought the season pass and am kinda sorry I did. No communication or timetable for new maps, new characters, new modes…so many things have gone wrong and continuing to nerf hammer characters should be the least of your concerns. People are not using any tactics to counter these supposedly OP character combos (like Miko/Montana) and expect them to just be nerfed. This was supposed to be a tea based game, shouldn’t you be able to create good synergy by utilizing character abilities together to create ways to stay alive and kick butt? In my opinion yes. Every time I see another nerf, I am less and less inclined to want to play. It’s demoralizing.

TLDR–quit nerfing, start buffing, start adding content, start communicating better with your player base before it’s too late.



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Well, sorry f it was all gobbledegook to you, but to me it makes sense, especially after reading the Miko needs to be addressed post. Why not just nerf everyone into oblivion and we can all hit each other with sticks?

From what I can see all current Nerfs were relevant IMO.

Also just because someone was posting doesn’t mean Miko will be nerfed, they will make changes based on the data they collect across all matches.

Doubt someone moaning, sorry providing constructive criticism will affect them a great deal.


There’s a lot in your post I would agree with, but when you write off Galilea, Isic, and Ambra as “bland, boring, and not fun to play” the entire post falls apart.


Because thats not how nerfs work. Its easier and more important to nerf overpowered characters since they’ll be over-utilized while weaker characters will just be skipped. The only people who quit the game because of nerfs are people who only found success in an overpowered characters, im certainly not going to miss them.

As the games meta changes, new balance issues may pop up, so dont be surprised.


“nerfing” and “Buffing” are the same thing… adjusting. You take over-performing characters and bring them down to the median performance level, and you take under performing characters and bring them up to the median performance level.

Nerfs are always easier and more of a pressing concern since they effect every other character… buffs are a longer process because they only affect the under-performing character.

You’re complaining about “nerfing” being bad and “buffing” being good, when they’re the same thing… except that nerfs do more for balancing as it affects more characters.

A nerf to the “best” character in the game is a buff to ever other character.

Everyone is far from “nerfed into oblivion.” that’s just silly, especially considering that roughly %80 of the characters haven’t been nerfed at all…

If everyone is so “weak” that they can’t kill anyone, then what you’re saying is you weren’t able to kill anyone than with the very few characters that have been nerfed at this point.


I dunno…personally I think all the nerfs so far have helped the game.

Went from having Gal’s in every single game dominating faces to seeing them no more than other characters now and only good ones do well like all characters should be.

ISICS were rampant, now toned down as well and seeing other characters played instead.

Alani is less rampant now with health nerf but again, good ones are still doing great.

Soooooo…yeah not really on board with your post.


I think O P has a point: Nerf calls have become a routine behaviour from too many peoples who simply don’t care to or are able to learn the basic team mechanics of Battleborn.

Everybody wants to win, fast, effortlessly and preferably as a solo star … just look at how every other Meltdown/Incursion/Capture mission instantly turns into death match.

When anybody who’s been part of a functional, aligned and cooperative team knows that’s the trick.

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I’ve seen it on here time and again…"Ambra is useless now…Isic is useless now, Galilea is useless now, etc etc etc…they are not just balancing, they are listening to everyone that complains a character is OP and nerfing the heck out of them. Deny to me that people complain now nerfed characters are now next to useless…have you not seen it?

What Gunz is saying is what I meant I guess. Should have articulated better.

If people think ISIC and Galilea are useless then you may ignore them. These are still top tier characters, they were often picked or banned in the peacekeeper cup tournament and used to full effect and thats as competitive as the game has gotten. We already know ambra is getting reworked to focus more on sunspots/support.

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Ambra’s not useless, but she received 1-2 nerfs too many. ISIC was hit a little hard too, along with Shayne and Aurox who was ninja nerf’d for no valid reason. Galilea was decently deserved, but even then it was mostly people complaining.

Right now there’s no OP character, and that might be the most blunt thing I can say, but only a select few characters need buffs,
and until the release of a new character adjustments downward are not needed.

Yes nerfs and buffs are both adjustments, but if you were to adjust every character down as opposed to up, it would severely limit them and take enjoyment out of the game, so there is a huge difference.

Actually ISIC is still really good if played right. I go most matches with no deaths as him but some nerfs are necessary like Galilea. It was almost impossible to escape her if you ran into her but too many nerfs can screw with the game

Anyone saying those characters are useless need to “git gud” as much as I hate to say it.

There really are no “bad” heroes in the game right now. People just need to realize when their playstyle doesn’t match up with the intended use of a hero.

ORRRR they’re trying helix builds that quite frankly, just don’t work. That is an issue in itself(bad/under performing helix options) that could be discussed in another thread and hopefully someday will be addressed.

Characters like El Dragon are good, but only good if you take a specific helix path which is unfortunate.


The nerfs are the thing killing this game? Sure… or maybe some people are just salty they can’t stomp without putting in any effort anymore :wink: Hell, Isic and Gal are still top tier, there’s a reason Isic was banned at the tournament shorty after his nerf… Maybe try before you cry?


lol, players who have been playing an OP character are now complaining that the character is harder to use…
Yes, I certainly have seen it.

lol, I think it’s funny you are upset at people who have problems with a character and accuse them of “whining” but then are upset at those who complain that their character can no longer face-roll and don’t accuse them of whining.

They’re both whining.

In my honest experience, there are whiners on both sides on the forum and they whine too much with too little experience regarding the characters in question (both when calling for nerfs and whining about them) I mean there are kids sitting around telling me that Alani is “useless” now while I’m still pulling quad-kills with top damage with her in scrims… it’s laughable.

But I didn’t get the gist from your first post at all that the POSTS are the problem, I’m hearing that the problem is that the developers are nerfing things and that’s not the case at all. The nerfs so far have been on point, the only one I’ve really questioned is the Ambra ult nerf, but just because I felt it came too quickly on the heels of a previous ambra nerf which seemed to have alleviated the “you can never kill Ambra” problem.

Likewise there are going to be nerfs to characters even without forum complaints, such as I fully anticipate another Miko nerf, a Boldur nerf, an Alani nerf, and a Mellka nerf once the game gets more competitive… as well as some buffs to bring up under performers, like a slight buff to WF and Atticus, but the problem is there aren’t a lot of glaring under performers to begin with, most characters have their own strengths in their role, and the more careful balancing that takes place, the more viable all characters are going to be.

The reality is that until they have a ranked hopper, competitive load-outs and some real tournaments going on, it’s hard to do any balancing beyond just bringing pub-stomping characters back in line.


I just tell you what I told the other guy crying about nerfs yesterday …

Buffing multiple other characters or nerfing the few that are overperforming yields the same result … only that the latter is easier and simply more logical.

Stop crying because your favs get adjusted … there gameplay has not changed, so they are no more “boring” or “bland” then before. Furthermore ISIC and Galilea are still ridiculous and Miko can heal like crazy … I don´t get what your problem is.

But … maybe you are right? Yesterday I took Gal for a walk … pretty much unplayable now :sob: #StopTheNerfs


You did fine. I got - and support - you.

ding ding ding! There’s a few other minor tweaks needed right now, and they can get on with assessing characters for buffs.

It’s simple math, if you start with 25 characters, 5 Over powered and 5 under powered, nerfing the top 5 makes 20 competitive characters… if you started with just buffing the weaker ones, you’d only make 10 competitive characters.