The NEW and FUN way to play (seriously fun) ko

Note, in this mode you will get classic Borderlands amazing fun. No ■■■■■■■■.

Here is what you do.

  1. Log into your favourite character
  2. Go to sanctuary and put everything in your bank so your character has nothing on them.
  3. Respec to a build you truly want.
    (All builds are viable. So spec into your fav ideal skills
    You want a pet build with sniper fl4k… do it…
    You want a melee build with amara… go for it.
    You want an iron bear Moze… yes you can
    You want a Nova Zane… Can do!)
  4. Turn off Mayhem mode (cause ■■■■ that broke ■■■■)
  5. Quit out and turn off Cartel (cause ■■■■ that broke ■■■■)
  6. Start a new TVHM playthrough with your naked character with your fav theory build.


  1. No meta/OP guns.
  2. No annointments allowed
  3. No good legendaries (but go use that wood blocker :grin:)
  4. no good purples (q-system I’m looking at you)
  5. no good class mods (no seeing dead but feel free to use that shockerator… It is viable now)
  6. You want tons of fun . Only use blues and greens that you loot and sell everything else.
  7. no guns in reserve… you carry four guns, all others must be sold.
  8. have fun… It’s amazing, you’ll remember why you love this franchise.
    Note: if the game is feeling too easy, drop your gear and only grab greens and whites. You’ll be amazed at how great this is

Bonus: you will be sending gearbox a statement. Imagine if all players turned off mayhem and cartel mode and played this way… Maybe they would get the hint.
For further difficulty
No skill augments allowed
Only one of each gun type allowed. (Pistol, SMG, AR, Shotgun, sniper, rockets)
Every sell station you must sell the guns you have equipped and equip all new weapons
Only whites (they get rare as legendaries lol)
Other recommendations welcome


Note I’m playing a pet based fl4k with health Regen secondary focus and the pet is ripping up bandits! My slag loves to kill bandits!!! If you want to play pet Fl4k follow the rules and enjoy!!!

delete bl3 and install bl2 without lilith dlc thats even better


Back to the origins. Like the first time we played a Borderlands game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Funny how I posted a thread like this just a day or two ago.

I’ve still got that installed… I might be able to stomach playing it again for a bit if someone was paying me.

Tbh if i could get a refund i would.

Same here…