The New Angel change is terrible please revert!

I don’t mind that even the original Angel didn’t really talk during the conversation/messages, but it looked cool. Realistic. Added extra to the game.
But this Stilized non moving crap Angel look is terrible.
I have no sane logical explanation why you did this, you wanted to piss off old-time players?

These are the things why in the last few years players started to be very angry about developers, they do such stupid, illogical things in their games!

PLEASE REVERT, Please for crying out loud!


This might surprise you, but they aren’t obliged to please you personally.

She does move, but it’s hard to see unless you watch carefully because the image is made so pixelated. Not a fan, but… :man_shrugging:


Yep not a fan, but not really a big deal

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I can kind of understand why this pisses you off a bit. It’s one of the only thing that could be seen as making the game worse, when it would have been fine without the effort to change it. Maybe it was just really low res/compressed. Though realistically, that sort of thing adds to the look.

I completely agree though. She looks way better in the 1st game. The 2nd game makes her look like some stock actress told to “make faces at the camera”. She just seems like something you would see ironically in an adult swim bump. The 1st game makes it look like shese straining to see what’s going on, like its always an unstable connection, kind of adds to the importance.

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i don’t mind the change tbh. i find it looks cool

They did a stupid stupid change. Why?
Why spend any thime on this?
Why not fix bugs instead with the same effort? There are plenty.
Instead an 11 years old game design got worse than it was.

And what you troll just said exactly says why Devs do whatever… They don’t care anymore, or else they would have left it as it was because this change DOESNT MAKE IT BETTER!

And players dont give a fk, so every damned dev. team with their unprofessional ideas… goes into the games and screw them up for people who care.

This is exactly why I started my BL3 rant regarding devs being COMPLETELY disconnected from their player base.

I stop hoping that BL3 will have more and better features than original game. I expect a BL2.5 moving forward. Wich is just weak.

But you will prob. don’t care either. You’re a “meh troll” aren’t you.
Ok I stop feeding trolls now. :slight_smile:

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And I close the thread now.

Please read the forum rules, thanks.

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