The new bloody harvest inactive issue

My game on a lvl53 and on a new char cant gets the event activated by talking to Maurice. Running on pc and Epic launcher and Epic shows latest patch.
Also to note, i’ve tried some things i seen on google but none worked unless there are other tricks.

Bloody Harvest was disabled in December.

Nvm my bad.

I think what’s happening is that the original event cards are part of the game udpate and only got replaced temporarily by the Broken Hearts event ones. Didn’t BH start on October 24th?

The only good thing about this is that I just realised last night while staring blankly at the event tab that I hadn’t redeemed the one BH reward I’d unlocked on my current character, and was rather surprised to find I could still do that.

I had the same thing happen, Funny thing is the few times in the past that I have went to that tab, I didn’t have anything to claim. Far-Fetched idea: Could the ghost that popped from some of the hearts actually of been counting again on the bloody harvest?

who knows? they seem to have reused some code from bloody harvest for the valentine event, so it’s not that far fetched