The new class mod is VERY good

Just farmed the spiritual driver class mod and can already say it is a very powerful COM. For those who don’t know what it does…

Meditative Spiritual Driver

Puts skill points in: Clarity, Helping Hand(s) and Mindfulness

“Whenever Amara activates her action skill, she applies her action skill element to herself.”

“Amara’s Gun Damage is increased while moving. The quicker she moves, the greater the gun damage bonus.”

The first line of text makes it incredible to pair with the elemental projector relic for that extra 90% damage. Additionally, the dot it applies procs mindfulness, which the COM can also boost, allowing for extremely fast movement speed at a whopping 8.4% per stack, up to 25 stacks. That is a 2.1x increase to movement speed which makes you move at speeds reminiscent of rough rider maya.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle, the gun damage bonus while moving…

I tested with a corrosive faisor on the Handsome Jack dummy. No skill points invested and no bonuses for gun damage on the com and no relic equipped with 14.45% gun damage from guardian rank.

While holding still I hit for 334 damage.

While walking and shooting with no mindfulness stacks I hit for 401 damage

With 3 points from the COM in mindfulness with max stacks and no other bonuses I hit the dummy for 621 damage while walking at max speed. This is almost two times the damage when compared to not moving.

With 6 points total in mindfulness and max stacks and no other bonuses, I hit the dummy for 1042 damage while walking. That’s over three times the damage when compared to not moving.

You can increase this damage further by running and jumping. By doing this, I have seen the damage get as high as 1800+ which is well over five times the starting damage.

That vastly outclasses the phazezerker

Using a phazezerker with +25% weapon damage my base damage for the test is 418.

With 25 rush stacks and no other bonuses to damage, I hit for 668.

You can see the difference in damage quite easily. This class mod is capable of very high damage as long as you keep moving.


Sounds amazing, any idea if the other class mods are any good ? or have they only blessed their favourite child again lol

either way sounds like your on a winner, Gratz

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I haven’t tested any of them but from looking at what they do, I would say no. Hopefully they find ways to buff the other characters COMs to make them as good as this one.

Ah well, Zane and Flak are still decent to play but I wish they would sort the bias out lol, either way, go enjoy oh most favoured of the few :slight_smile:

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Where did you farm it. The spreadsheet set up by some PC guys says the farm the zero mini boss on necrotephayo. I kept killing the two of them and can’t catch a break. Might be incorrectly data mined.

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That’s where I got it. I farmed Sylvestro but it took a while to get one. Nevertheless, he can drop it. I just solo’d the Takedown on TVHM M4 with minimal difficulty and absolutely melted the boss while using this COM. It was a pretty fast run as well. Would highly recommend.

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Bonus I barely have to change my original build. I use a breaker, but personal space can be dangerous, and don’t want to always melee to get jab cross.

I had to give in and switch to a phasezerker for M4 because of the bullet sponges. This COM is what I need.

Not sure how impressive this sounds but I was able to kill Wotan in under 5 minutes while dealing with massive lag from using a corrosive cutsman. Will have to test with a melee build but I can already imagine how good it will be. It’s also nice that it has points in Helping Hand(s) for that extra survival, although mine had clarity instead

Do you test both mods using Elemental Projector?

Because I’d be curious about the numbers without the Projector since you can also use Projector with Phasezerker, even if slightly harder to activate.

Also, can the COM apply shock with transformer without Infusion and Forceful Expression? That alone would be sweet.

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Yeah, you can tell just from looking at this class mod it was gonna be brokenly good. I mean, move speed=damage, and bonus points to the best move speed skill in the game? And then helping hands, and clarity, both top tier survival skills? And THEN apply AS element on AS use, so you can get projector procs for free? Ahuh yeah okay gearbox. Zane in the meantime gets more conditional buffs.

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I tested all of the numbers without the projector equipped. I used no relic in testing. To answer your other question, you can apply a shock dot to yourself without infusion or forceful expression.

This is good to know. I’ve been farming him for hours and have gotten nothing, but I’d rather do him than Wotan over and over.

I really want to use that COM but still want to use Ties that bind and no meele.

I’m having a hard time doing my skill tree what do you guys think of this?

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What content do you want to do with that?

Nothing too fancy, Future DLC content probably not on high mayhem, trying maliwan takedown eventually. Farming high mayhem only for exclusive loot but not playing normally in it.

Yeah that build should work fine then.

this is the build I am currently using to solo the takedown on TVHM M4 and your’s looks pretty similar.

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What action skill and augment you are using?

Allure with ttb and blight tiger

Ties that bind without rush stack don’t feel to weak when mobbing?