The New CoD thread

Talk about anything CoD related. Feel free to S**t on it or brag about it.

I like “smashing” in multiplayer. In BO2 i moslty use the SWAT w/ FMJ and foregrip… Ill get more active once i start playing it again. I recently took a break from it.

Bla bla the older ones were mediocer games that were still fun and BO3 is one of the worst games I ever played.

BO1 ftw.

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You do know fore grip was like 1.5% increase right not really worth the slot.

Yeah, i just use it for the aesthetic. It looks better to me when people hold guns with the grip.

If anyone has black ops 2 or ghosts for PS3 then we can play together. My PSN is Greasy_Broccoli

I played the first 2. They were great. As soon as it left WW2, though, it sucked. IMHO.

I’m on ps3 but don’t own either game. If you play bl2,tps, or dark souls let me know. As for the grip I never use stuff for the looks I.gotta go try hard to try and stomp all the little kids who think there so good lol.

Do you mean cod 1/2 or like waw and cod 4(mw)

CoD 1 and 2. Played them on PC when they first came out…like…13 years ago or something.

I have them on PC too. I really enjoyed CoD2.

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Started playing Black Ops 2 search and destroy. Its been a while, but holy ■■■■ i get so hyped.

Call of duty has become a mainstream title and all of these gaming hipsters rag on cod too much. I’ve played all of the cods and I’ve put 12 days on bo3 and know this game inside and out. I’m going to make a point now… if bo3 didn’t have the cod stamp on it everyone would be raving over it. In my opinion bo3 is the greatest cod to come out thus far. Now with that being said it is also the toughest cod with one of the biggest learning curves. If your playing online and you have a .40 k/d don’t automatically blame the game for being bad. It takes time and alot of practice to enjoy a competitive game!

Well mainstream hipsters aren’t real gamers. I know mw3 inside and out every map/gun/perk you name it. Again real gamers won’t judge a game by its series name, that is the problem tho, most people who play CoD aren’t “gamers” most just play it because it’s the biggest game released. About the last sentence your right about that you can’t except to jump into a game like CoD and reck if you’ve never played it before.

Yea no, if BO3 wasn’t a cod it would still be awfull.

Examples why it’s horrible:

  • Snipers have no sway or kick what so ever making aiming them incredibly easy
  • all automatic guns feel the same, so there’s no long lasting reason to play
  • there is automatic burst weapons, that doesn’t make any sence
  • there’s no penalty for anything so highest firerate wins
  • Specialist are really unbalanced and underdeveloped
  • There’s no balance, for example shotguns have no upsides or reasons to be used
  • locking new weapons in crates
  • waaay to mutch osok

I played it for 120+ hours.

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My favorite Treyarch CoD campaign:

I don’t play cod campaigns lol.

I play them all. I got into the series years ago because of the campaigns (back when that was the main attraction).

I mean I’l play them once or twice but, not for the story just for the trophies except bo1 I love that campaign

I’ll admit that the realism is a little far fetched, but look at halo, gears of war, ect. On the flip side you have battlefield and yes I have hundreds of hours on both btw. Let’s admit it there are “no perfect games” they all have unbalances and could shape up a bit. And just to emphasize on sniping in this new cod… there might not be bullet drop, but for God’s sake without aim assist helping you, by all means it’s not easy anymore. Now my motive here isn’t to say who isn’t and who is a real gamer. I’m simply expressing my personal opinion that this call of duty just has that special factor to me.

I gotta agree with itsTwister.

I havent played much BO3, less than 10 hours, but from what ive seen, its not so different from the couple of games before it. It’s diffrents, but not in a way that makes it stand out, or “revolutionary”.

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