The New CoD thread

frick u, Cod 1 and the standalone expansion were the bees and the knees buddy, check yourself.
Mediocre pls PLS

I can’t tell if your serious or not lol.
Edit: are you related to flyboy?

Bla bla bla I’ve gotta agree with myself… if you’re on ps4 add me TarzTarkus and I’ll teach you the ranks… haha

It’s not about realism it’s about balance.

Removing aim assist =/= balance
I’m on PC so snipers are just a point and click adventure game as you kill anywere in the body.

The Dracon has no kick at all so you can just spam it, if you look at the Barreta from other CODs it kicks like a horse if you spam it.

All automatic guns feel exactly the same, there’s no diffrence in sprays, kick etc. etc and because of this basically the only thing that determens a fight is fire rate.

Shotguns agian have no reason to be use because for example nearly all other guns in the game kills faster, even at close range.

Homing osok knife is a joke.

Perks are a joke, for example Flap jaket dosn’t really do anything as most explosions can still kill you.

BUT just because it is a horrible game doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, it’s fun to just play sometimes.
That doesn’t make the game good it makes it fun.

I haven’t played it, fight me.

Well I can tell our opinions will never be the same because I’ve never had the pleasure of pc gaming, but I can assure you that it’s one hell of a call of duty on the ps4. I do competative gaming on Umg I have a scuf and I’m in a clan. We don’t look at it as if it were a run and gun type of game either. It’s like a formulated game of chess and every move counts. You can counter any situation with multiple different guns or specialist. And on a high note the draft simulation is amazing! No AR feels the same, No SMG feels the same and so on. Also your stats don’t lie, look at the K/D ratio you have on each gun and tell me every gun feels the same. BTW the drakon is awful and isn’t even used by elite players.

To each their own.

Are you getting battleborn @itsTwister?

Not planning to no, why?

I was just curious. I was thinking that most pc gamers were more interested in overwatch. I’m retiring from this cod season to split my time between both of them.

Didn’t get into the beta but I’m getting Overwatch, I’m not picking one over the other I just haven’t had any interest in Battleborn.

I used to play CoD competitively, but I’m pretty much done with the franchise from this point on. I’ll still play the first two Black Ops and MW games 'til the community is dead on PC, though. It’s starting to look like that day is right around the corner. Other than those 4, MW3 is tolerable and I would still enjoy playing WaW if the servers weren’t modded into oblivion. Ghosts was almost good. Advanced Warfare was trash. B03 sucks.

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Yeah from waw to bo2 were good. The games after bo2 suck, not sure about bo3 haven’t played it also never played the first 2 games. Mw3 will always be my favorite and it sucks that its being modded now.