The new dlc In June

When will there be new DLC

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DLC3 will most likely arrive last thursday of june.

It’s being revealed today so they’ll most likely have a release date to announce today.

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I wish they’d stop with the flippin DLC’s until they get the major performance issues addressed. I’ve really had enough of this BS. AAA games release and then they leave it up to the player base to test it for them. It’s become more the norm these days and we just put up with it. It’s sickening. My Xbox can’t take anymore of the constant crashes.


Was there a level increase announced to 60 or 61 as well?

In fairness, I am guessing the team that does the DLCs and the team that does performance tweaking/bug hunting/general support are different groups.


Yep, that makes sense, but as an overall company, GB should understand the game as it currently is isn’t playable for a certain amount of the playerbase. Adding more and more content does nothing but further enhance the issues. It seems they also don’t have a QA/Test capability in-house either based on what’s been going on.

Watching a Borderlands Show with two of the writers (around the time of DLC2 launch) revealed that GBX Quebec had done both DLCs. (I knew they’d done 2; hadn’t realised they’d also done 1). So yes, they are entirely different groups, and they’re even in different countries!

I’m not sure that’s an entirely great concept.

In regards to Moze for instance being complete trash, going to viable choice and now back to complete trash, when we talk Iron Bear.

One hand not knowing what the other is doing until after the fact is bad in my opinion.

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