The NEW Fl4k meta

Fl4k mains… we gotta make some changes. I’m not going to post a video with a title in all caps “FL4K STILL OP!!! BOSS MELTER BUILD!!!1!!1!” because that’s what brings out the nerfhammer. But I will say this:


this augment is no longer viable unless you’re using the correct element ANNEXED Lyuda, with perfect distancing, for every boss and mob, and a Transformer shield to maybe recoup on ammo. And then you will get rekt during cooldown (please note I’m referring to M3 play).

At its core, DPS Fl4k is centered around 4 things:
1.) 5 points in “Furious Attack” - functionally a meager 20% damage increase with some other stuff we don’t care about

2.) 3 points in “LNT” - now essentially useless ammo return for any gun with a fire rate above 3~4

3.) 3 points in “Resilience Hunter” - this is 2.25 seconds worth of extra gunplay during GITM for a 3 POINT INVESTMENT. Hope you remembered to reload…

4.) GITM augment - neutered garbage. Once was fun. Once was viable. Once defined a class. Once was the entire reason I picked this character, spending hours build/theory crafting.

DPS FL4k is dead… but not CRIT FL4K:
There are a few components to their skill kit that we interact with all the time but don’t really talk about. Namely, CRITS CAN CRIT!

This capstone is delicious. If you were smart, you were already spec’d into this. “Power Inside” is for Rakks and well rolled, anointed gear. Besides the UE augment and “Two F4ng”, This is what makes FA slap different. I don’t have hard numbers quite yet (and GB should really have added target practice a la BL2, but that’s besides the point). There seems to be a relationship between hitting headshots in FA and increased damage. We see this when Graveward shows us that giant, yellow “SHOOT HERE” sign.

Whether this damage is additive or multiplicative I cannot say, but it looks like it’s multi, and it DOES stack, and procs often with high dps. What happens when a natty Crit stacks with a FA crit, and then stacks with a Megavore crit, you ask? Good things. This is why the elemental ANNEXED Lyuda is still viable in some cases. If you are super efficient, and don’t waste ammo, then you can keep clinging to GITM for dear life while the devs take you for a wild ride. But consider this: Zane clone with BOOM. ENHANCE. now makes better use of a hellwalker… I don’t see GITM regaining any of its former glory.

If you are ready for change: GET YOURSELF A ONE PUMP CHUMP. Why?
1.) 4000 base damage
2.) 10x multiplier
3.) Bonus crit damage on good roll

Without giving too much away, play around with the OPC and a good amp shield. The legendary Re-router shields works wonders.

This combo is viable at M3 and still surprises me a lot with both mobs and bosses. I’m not posting my build or the rest of my gear because GB has sent the message that they are looking for a bit more build diversity and I don’t want to sensationalize this setup, I’ve already seen a few people running around with it and just want to help some Fl4k bros/broettes see the light. But in summation:

1.) Megavore
2.) One Pump Chump
3.) Amp Shield
4.) ???
5.) Profit

Thanks for reading!