The New Food/random talk thread, but mainly food

Talk about all things food. Me and @Kurtdawg13 managed to derail a thread about derailment So I decided we needed a food thread.


What’s wrong with the old food thread…?

I thought it was older than it really is.

Meh, if nothing else they can just merge the threads.

Anyway food, made chicken with tarragon and apple because food bag thing has weird food.
It tasted well weird.

Food bag? I’m guessing it’s a bag if random food. Tarragon? That’s a spice isn’t it.

Basicaly a bag with food and recipes in it that you get every week, I got one for 3 days.
There are a lot of diffrent onces here, I use on from my local food shop.

Yea Tarragon is a spice, in Swedish it’s called Dragon which sounds better.

I figured it was a thing that was in another country.

I made this thread because me and Kurt were talking about pie.




Oh no you di’int! :scream:

I am starving! :weary:

I was just about to message you. Where’s the food thread?! LOL You are on top of your game good sir! Very nice. Nice resolution on that pic. Seems like I can grab it off my screen and belly up to some PIE! :smile:

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My profile picture is pie lol.
I know this may sound weird but the hospital where my great-grandma goes when she’s sick has really good pie in the cafeteria.
Also thank google for the picture.

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I thought this would be hilarious… :joy:

Sorry to hear about your Gma. I only have 1 left myself. Love your Grandma! :wink:

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Thanks she’s doing good ATM she’s in a nursing home but other than that she’s fine.

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Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:
I bet she would LOVE some pie. Have you ever tried making the oh so great, pumpkin pie on your own? That sure would warm my heart. :innocent:

also, I have to add that in my family, it’s made with Gramcracker crust. :yum:

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Never made pie, but I can cook some stuff decently. Most notable tacos

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I can boil water. sometimes my toast comes out perfect!

no I’m kidding. I am the cook in my family. My wife could only make white rice and toast when we met. she’s much better now, but I still do most of the cooking. have a mentioned that I love food? Cause I do. :heart_eyes:

Not old enough to have a family of my own, but almost everyone of my family members who I associate with are simply amazing cooks. Not a big fan of simple white rice but, Spanish,chicken,beef or breakfast rice are good. Also I love food to.

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ooooooo. That sounds interesting. I wanna know what that be like?

It’s basically white rice with sugar and butter mixed in. Even better with some syrup and toast.

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Wow. Talk about a brain fart. I used to eat that as a child. I remember. LOL

so, this is what i pulled off my grill recently…

I love tri-tip.

This was also the first time I tried bbq’ing bacon wrapped hotdogs. Hebrew nationals. The only way to go with dogs. :slight_smile:


Is that brisket? Looks good either way. I don’t like hotdogs in any form, partly due to a thing that happened to my mom. Bar-b-que ribs are so good, more so if they fall right off the bone. Yum

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