The New Forums?

They are terrible and certainly broken for any mobile user. What on earth made you change for no reason? Or just felt the need to kill the community you once had? I’ve honestly been waiting for feedback, cause any normal person can tell this wasn’t a smart change.

We have an official feedback thread, and another for mobile issues. However, saying “new forum sucks” isn’t really feedback.

Specific ideas that could improve the forum, or issues you’re having should be taken to those threads, @Joekgbx and @Jeffybug (and I assume others who’s name I don’t know) have been very quick to implement changes.

We fixed the character limit, the edit timespan limit, posting in no specific catorgy and much more. (Still waiting on that white box fix…)

Mobile is usable, my only complaint is that there is (seemingly) no way to acess all the tools computers can, like inserting links onto small words (as in, not having whole URL visible) and italics and building etc… without learning magic internet code.


I know this kind of goes against your point, but this has not been fixed. Still moving these misplaced threads by the dozons daily.

Plz fix…For the sake of my fingers, compulsive nature and sanity.

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Well, I’m sure they’re working on it!

Have an idea for this. Working with Joe on it today!


Polemic criticism is polemic.

I have been using vbulletin boards for about 10 years now but even I can see that they are outdated and limited.

This new board is nice and has potential. Sure it’s different and still in its infancy with much room for improvement, but I like what I see so far.
Also I think they’re easy to use and browse on mobile, something that you can’t say about other boards without installing a third party app like tapatalk for example.